Wednesday, July 14, 2010

11 Months

Sweet girl, where did my baby go? You are 11 months old... only 1 month away from 1 year and it makes me so sad. Things have been so hectic in our lives over this past month and I feel like I've really dropped the ball on keeping this blog up to date (even with writing this post I'm 2 days late) and somehow I didn't get 1 picture of you on our digital camera. I've taken tons of pictures, as usual, on my phone but never got our camera out to get some better quality ones... that shows you just how crazy things have been but is still no excuse. I will be making up for lost time this month (as soon as I find the box that my camera is packed up in)! Your day to day routine really hasn't changed much over the past month but you, as a person, have changed a lot! Like I do every month, here's what you've been up to:

  • Just like the past few months, you are still in size 4 diapers in the Target brand. In Pampers you are in a size 5.

  • You still get 8 oz of formula 3 times per day, but now you drink out of your sippy cup in the morning and at midday... then you will drink your juice out of it at night after supper, but we still give you a bottle before bed. It's kind of a way to hold on to you being a baby for just another month...then we will probably switch you over to a sippy cup at night as well... and I will be sad!
  • You are still doing great with eating solid foods and will eat thicker foods now. I just got some new recipes that I plan on making for you this week. You are such a good eater and will eat anything I give you!

  • You are crawling around everywhere and love to stand up and look around. You can walk as long as you have your hand on something to balance you but I can tell your balance is getting better. There are times where you will stand up and let go of whatever you're holding onto and will stand there for at least 30 seconds without falling!

  • You are still in 12 and 18 month clothes. Your 18 month onesies now look a little big on you. Crawling has definitely thinned you out! I took you to the doctor last week because you had a infection around your toenail (a ingrown nail from where you'd break your toenail from stabbing it into the ground while in your bouncer) and you weighed 28 (almost 29) pounds.

  • Your bedtime has gotten earlier here lately and not by our choice. I think you wear yourself out so much during the day that your 2 naps just aren't enough. Now you go to bed between 7:30 and 8:00... and if we don't have you in bed by then, you are not happy! You are still a little angel when it comes to sleeping. 12 hours exactly every night! You will go to sleep without crying and the stage you were going through last month where you'd wake up a few times after falling asleep has come and gone. Now once you fall asleep you are usually out for the night!

  • You still have 4 teeth on the bottom and now you have 2 teeth on the top. I noticed yesterday that you have 2 more teeth coming in at the same time on the top but you have been handling it great (the only thing I've noticed is your appetite decreases when you're teething.

  • Your reflux seems to be gone! You spit up every now and then but it doesn't seem to be reflux related. And in really good news... I think you've outgrown your apple allergy!!! You are still taking Zegerid at night but the plan is to stop that next month.
  • One of the not so great changes of this past month is your attitude. You will pitch a fit if I tell you no or don't let you have what you want. And when you are hungry, like the other day when your Daddy and I had to meeting at the attorney's office... you start screaming and swinging your arms... pretty much a full blown temper tantrum... it's frustrating but instead of giving in we stick to what we say when we tell you no and hope that this will make things easier when you get older.

Here are a couple of pictures from my phone from the past month:

My sweet happy baby! You love playing in Mommy & Daddy's bed!

You love looking at yourself in the mirror and will give yourself kisses... too sweet!

My sneaky little baby... always getting into things!

As always baby girl, your Daddy & I love you so much and we want nothing but the best for you in life. We look forward to celebrating your first birthday next month and celebrating how far we have come over the last year!



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