Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My favorite 'Mommy Moment' so far!

Since we brought Kaylee home from the hospital there have been several special 'mommy moments' but I'm not sure any of them were as sweet as what happened a few nights ago...

After being asleep for about 45 minutes I heard Kaylee screaming. I ran into her room and tried everything I could think of to get her to calm down but nothing would work. Finally I picked her up and started quietly talking to her. That calmed her down but when I would try to put her back in her crib she would instantly start screaming like she was terrified... so I picked her up again and sat down with her in the rocking chair. Normally this wouldn't work because she won't sit still and usually the only way to get her to go to sleep is to put her in her crib and leave the room. As soon as I sat down she wrapped her arms around me and laid her head on my chest and calmed down... I couldn't believe it! It seems like something so small but she hasn't let me hold her while she falls asleep in months!

Things have been so stressful around here lately and I can honestly say that sitting there in the rocking chair with her by her little night light, nothing else mattered... I was able to relax... and just enjoy the feeling of knowing that she needed me there. It was one of those special moments that I never want to forget!

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