Sunday, April 25, 2010

My child is...'one of those kids'...

I don't know how many times I have went out to eat at a restaurant and walked past a table with a kid in a highchair that has 90% of their food on the floor and I thought to myself... that will never be my kid...

I regret to report to you that... that IS my kid! Last week Daniel, Kaylee and I went to Concord and decided to have lunch at On the Border. This was Kaylee's first time in a highchair and she actually did great. I was afraid she would try to lean over and end up falling out but she sat there like a big girl! I remembered to bring her Puffs and Mum Mums with me but the Puffs turned out to be a bad idea. I tried putting some on a napkin on the table and when I turned around to grab something out of her diaper bag she grabbed the napkin and threw the Puffs all over the floor right in front of the waitress.

Then I remembered I had some sanitizing wipes. So I wiped off the table and poured more Puffs out onto the table... bad idea. Kaylee reached up and wiped them all off right onto the floor. Thank goodness the Mum Mum's were a lifesaver! She actually held onto them and ate them. We really need to work on not throwing our food all over the floor before we try giving her Puffs again. We did go out to eat one other time since then and she did fine with the Puffs as long as I handed her 1 at a time. She is also bad about constantly squealing and reaching for things... she actually grabbed the waiters pocket one time when he came to take our order!

Here are some pictures of the little munchkin. The quality isn't very good because I took them on my phone and she wouldn't sit still.

In mid scream...
Looking at her Daddy!
I think this is probably the only time she actually ate one of the Puff's instead of throwing it on the ground!

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  1. ha ha I used to say "that wont be my kid a lot" ...guess times change :)