Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Weekend

***WARNING*** This post will be filled with a ridiculous amount of pictures... give me a break, ok... it was Easter... and Kaylee was looking extra cute :)

Last weekend Daniel, Kaylee and I took a trip back to Tennessee for the weekend. We kinda celebrated Easter a day early (on Saturday) because we had to drive back overnight on Saturday and didn't get back home til Sunday morning. We drove to my family's house overnight Thursday night and got there around 2am Friday morning. Right now when we have a long drive we try to leave right before Kaylee's bed time and give her her bed time bottle in the car and then she falls asleep and usually won't wake up until we get there (or if we stop somewhere, but she usually falls back to sleep once we get going again). It makes the trip so much easier because we don't have to stop to change diapers!

Friday we decided to take Kaylee on her first trip to the zoo! Daniel had to go to the track so it was Grandma (my mom), Great Grandma, Uncle Quinten, Kaylee & I. We went to the Grassmere Zoo in Nashville and of course, we had to pick a day when it was entirely too hot outside! Kaylee actually did really good though. There were times when she got fussy but she would cheer up as soon as someone picked her up. She saw a few of the animals, but for the most part I think she just enjoyed looking around at all of the people and being outside.

My happy baby!

Kaylee & Grandma
Big smile!
Kisses from mommy
She would not look at the camera!
Kaylee & Great Grandma
Is it just me or does this look unsafe?

We got back to my parents house later in the afternoon and Kaylee & I were wore out! Daniel was able to leave the track early enough so that we were able to go eat at one of my favorite restaurants in TN... Demos'! Saturday morning we woke up with plans of taking Kaylee to a local Easter egg hunt and to have her picture made with the Easter bunny, but it was storming. Kaylee's Great Uncle Bubba came to visit and brought her some things for Easter that she opened up while we were waiting for breakfast to be ready!

Opening her Easter card!

I just love that little face!

Kaylee with her bunny rabbit that is dressed like a ladybug!!! I love it!

Silly girl

Kaylee & Great Uncle Bubba

Daniel had to go back to the track again on Saturday but we made sure to get pictures of Daddy & Kaylee in her Easter dress before he left!

Luckily the rain went away quickly after we had breakfast and we were still able to go to the Easter egg hunt (actually, by the time we got there, everyone had already done the Easter egg hunt in her age group, but there were still plenty of eggs left!). I don't have a copy of Kaylee's picture with the Easter bunny (I left the Polaroids back at home), but here are some pictures of her first Easter egg hunt!

She was so excited when she first saw all of the eggs!

She couldn't figure out that it would be easier to reach the eggs if she would bend her knees

Big blue eyes! I couldn't believe she didn't try to pull her headband off!

Great picture of Kaylee & Grandma!

I just loved her dress!

She was getting fussy and didn't want to look at the camera

After the Easter egg hunt and pictures with the Easter bunny, we went back to my parents house to hang out for the rest of the day.

Kaylee & Grandpa

The hand on the shoulder is too cute!

She loved riding around with her Uncle Quinten
After the rain it actually turned out to be a really pretty day! My mom and I were able to take Kaylee outside and get some pictures with the flowers. I was surprised at how good they turned out, seeing as how I'm not the best at taking pictures! These are some of my favorites!

*The stuff that is hanging down in front of her on this picture is the branches of a weeping willow tree. I should've got a wider shot of her under the tree because it is huge!

This is probably my favorite picture!
She ended up trying to eat the buttercup and did not like it!
It was great to go back home for the weekend but after the long drive back to North Carolina Saturday night, it was good to be back at our home!


  1. She is too, too cute! I just love her little outfit she wore to the zoo, where did you get it? She looks absolutely adorable in her Easter dress and you did an excellent job with her pictures!

  2. Aww thanks! I got the zoo outfit from Carters! They finally got a online store so you should be able to find it on there!