Monday, April 12, 2010

She's just too cute!

So Kaylee's first saying was "Hi Daddy!" It was the sweetest thing because she always said it in a very soft voice and would just look at him and smile. This is another reason why I hate being behind on posts... she started saying this the week before Easter and said it all the time when Daniel would come into the room...but now... nothing! She seems to go through stages where she will talk a lot and then a few weeks will go by where she just babbles on but never actually says anything. But when she goes through those phases of being talkative, it is adorable!

She also had her 2nd tooth come in, March 30th I believe... and I'm just now getting around to blog about it! You really should see my desk, when things like this happen where I need to remember the date to put in her baby book I usually write it down on anything near me (which is usually a bill!) so that I can remember to put it in the blog and also put it in her book. It's taking me forever to get caught up on her baby book because of all of the pictures I need. It's so aggrivating to take pictures out of her photo albums to put in the baby book and then making note of all the pictures I need to reorder on Shutterfly. Those photo albums were the only things I've managed to really keep up with since she was born and now they are a mess!

Ok, so I know this was a pretty boring post... so here's a little cuteness before I go!

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