Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First time in a swimming pool!

Woohoo! This is my last post that I am behind on and then I will be all caught up (and pray to never get behind again)! Last week Kaylee got in a swimming pool for the first time! I am still working on losing weight, so we won't be making a trip to a big pool anytime soon, but for now we have a little blow up pool that she loves!

Kaylee really liked playing in the pool... I realized that we didn't have any pool toys for her so we had to use her bath toys instead :) Of course, it wouldn't be a fun time if she didn't scare her Mommy & Daddy so she decided to lean forward until she fell over onto her stomach and went completely under water! I was holding the camera and Daniel grabbed her up really quick... she actually did fine, she didn't breathe in through her mouth and she just got a little water in her nose. I was sitting there freaking out thinking surely she should be choking on the water or something but she was fine! She actually never cried and looked at me like, 'geeze mom calm down already!'

Here are some pictures of the little water bug!

I love her little hat!
Splashing in the water!
She kept scratching and trying to chew on the side of the pool
My little underwater swimmer after she scared me to death!

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  1. So cute! I'd like to get Cam one of those little pools soon. We'll see!