Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Visit from Grandma!

Why do I keep putting these posts off... because when I finally get around to doing them it's hard to remember what happened which makes it take even longer! Ok, so back to catching up...

The weekend before last (March 26), Kaylee got a visit from Grandma! We woke up early Friday morning, got dressed, ate breakfast and hopped in the car for the hour and 1/2 drive to Raleigh to pick her up from the airport. We spent the day sitting around the house and then on Friday night mom watched Kaylee so that Daniel & I could go out to eat.

Saturday morning after we got dressed and ready to go we went to Concord Mills to go shopping. Daniel had to go to a race, so it was just the 3 of us. We bought Kaylee some summer clothes, size 18 months, because apparently either she is trying to jump right past the 12 month size or Carter's is doing like Abercrombie did years ago... last year's size 0 is this year's size 2! After getting Kaylee some new clothes we went over to PacSun where mom got Daniel some new shorts since he ripped his pants, literally, on Friday when we got back from the airport!

Before heading back home we went over to Toys R Us to get Kaylee some books since they were having a Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale. Ok, this might sound weird... but I haven't been to Toys R Us in years! I honestly thought it was just older kids toys (yes...I do live under a rock!). It's a good thing though because I saw so many things I wanted to buy for Kaylee! She ended up with a ring stacker, cell phone, 4 books and 4 dvds (Elmo & Blue Clues). After all of that shopping I was wore out so we headed back home. The rest of the night we sat around the house and relaxed and Daniel & I were able to go out to eat again, just the 2 of us!

Sunday Daniel had to go back to Martinsville for the race so we stayed at the house and watched the Vols play. We were running behind leaving for the airport because the game was close and came down to the last few seconds. After the game we headed to Raleigh and was able to meet Daniel on the way there since the race was rained out. We dropped my mom off at the airport and headed back home knowing it was supposed to storm, but we had no clue how bad. We stopped to grab some supper on the way home and I decided to check the weather on my phone and saw that there had been a tornado reported just a few miles from our house. On our way home that night we ended up driving through 2 storms that had tornados in them... the first, which I just found out yesterday, was a F3 tornado that was just a few miles off the interstate we were on. Daniel & I thought we saw the funnel but then it started raining so hard that we couldn't see anything at all. The second was a F2 tornado that we were much closer to but were unable to see because it was dark outside. The ground was completely covered with hail and there was nowhere for us to pull over because all of the underpasses were full of parked cars so we just had to drive through it. Amazingly, Kaylee slept through all of this!

Other than the storms it was a great weekend. Kaylee loves spending time with her Grandma and it's nice to have someone to watch her so that Daniel and I can spend time together.

What would we do without the bouncer?!?!

Big smile!

Kisses from Grandma (apparently she thought it was funny!)

Sweet baby girl!

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