Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Love This Time of Year!

It's finally warming up outside!!! The past 2 days we have been able to get Kaylee out and take her for a walk in her stroller and just get some fresh air! Plus I love being able to put her in her spring/summer clothes because she just looks too cute! Here are some pictures I took yesterday...

I love her sunglasses!
Too cute!
My cool baby :)
I am looking forward to being able to take her outside and lay a blanket out in the front yard for her to be able to play on. When I went shopping for her summer clothes I bought all 12 month sizes...but when I put her in one of the 12 month onesies and a 12 month pair of shorts, they were pretty tight...this doesn't make sense because all of her 9 month long sleeve onesies and sleep n plays fit... so I might be making a trip soon to buy some onesies and shorts in 18 month...that just doesn't sound right! She is growing up too fast!
She is starting to do this really cute thing when she is being held and someone walks up and talks to her and tries to make her smile, she will hug whoever is holding her and bury her head in their shoulder. It's so adorable! She loves it when Daniel or I play with her and try to get her neck or stomach. She starts laughing and has the biggest smile. Her first tooth is completely through now and I think the one beside it is slowly trying to come through.
One thing that I am SO happy about is the progress she has made with her reflux. It has been a week since we cut back her medicine to only once a day and she has been doing just fine with it! She had a few days where she was throwing up(her solid food, not her formula) a couple of times a day but it didn't seem to bother her. Luckily that has stopped and everything seems fine. We have cut back on her gel thickener and I think whenever we run out of the gel that we have, we will see how things go without thickening. It will be weird not having to thicken her formula or give her medicine anymore since we have been doing that since she was 3 weeks old. But it will be nice for things to just be 'normal' and not have to worry about reflux.
I feel like we are very lucky... when she had reflux problems they were severe compared to most... but we are lucky that she has grown out of it so quickly. I know of several babies who have continued to have issues with reflux past the 1 year mark.
I have got to get back into a routine of blogging more often... but things have just been pretty uneventful here lately. I'm trying to think of what I want to do for Kaylee's 1st birthday... like what I want the theme of the party to be, where I want to have it, etc... I know it's early but I figured if I slowly collect things (decorations) that match the theme of the party, it won't be as bad as trying to find a bunch of stuff at the last minute!

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  1. What posh sunglasses she has! ;) Cameron has a pair of sunglasses but he takes them off and throws them every time I put them on him. LOL I have been thinking about Cam's first birthday too. It's never too early in my opinion. ;) Glad to hear her reflux is better! I know that has been somewhat of a weight lifted off of you guys!