Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Saying 'Da Da'

Kaylee finally said 'DaDa' when Daniel was around on Monday! She has been going through this stage where she will just sit there and keep saying "Na Na Na Na" and trying to stick her tongue out at the same time. Monday night she was in her bouncer while we were eating supper and those Na Na's turned to Da Da's once or twice!

The last few days have been pretty uneventful. I did wake up this morning to find Kaylee laying on her stomach. It was around 6, so earlier than her usual 7:00 wake up time. I went into the bathroom to grab something and when I came back out to get her up, she was asleep again..on her stomach! I know she enjoys sleeping on her stomach when she is laying on her playmat but usually the second she rolls over in her playyard she gets fussy. She fell back to sleep and actually slept for another hour and 1/2.

Yesterday we went and picked up her prints from her 6 month photo session and hung them on the wall as soon as we got home! They turned out great and I love having pictures of Kaylee up everywhere... I just can't get enough of that little monster!

I came across this website ( and just wanted to share it. I know this family needs a lot of prayers right now. They just lost their 2 year old little girl to cancer yesterday. I read their posts on Twitter and it is heartbreaking to be reminded that there are families out there that have to deal with such a terrible loss, especially in their case where there was nothing else the doctors could do for their little girl and had to bring her home to watch her slowly pass away. Knowing that this little girl was perfectly healthy leading up to when they discovered the cancer is just a reminder to me that I need to be thankful for today because no one knows what tomorrow will bring. I know here lately I have been stressed because of Daniel's job situation but compared to something like this, that is nothing. I am so lucky to have my family here with me and a healthy, happy baby girl. Reading stories like this definitely puts things into perspective.

Here are some recent pictures of the cutest little girl I know!

I was going to fill up the diaper holder on her playyard but decided to throw diapers at her instead! She loved it!

Messy face after eating a cookie!

Today while we were waiting on the people @ Honda to finish working on Daniel's bike, we decided to let Kaylee try out motorcycles. This is a little 50 that I would like to get for her in a couple of years (they even make training wheels for them!)

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