Saturday, March 13, 2010

7 Months!

Baby girl, if you don't stop growing up so fast, I don't know what I'm going to do! You turned 7 months old yesterday and you just continue to change every day. I actually think you were going through a growth spurt yesterday because you were constantly fussy and more tired than usual. Your biggest accomplishment this month has been learning to pull yourself up to standing. You even managed to hold onto the edge of your crib and stand there for a few minutes before you fell down! Here's what you've been up to this past month:

  • Just like last month, you are still in size 3 diapers. They seem like they are starting to get a little tight on you, so we have been stocking up on size 4.
  • Our plan of condensing your formula intake down to 4 bottles a day worked! You take four 8 oz bottles each day (you make it so easy on us!)... I remember when it was a struggle for you to go 3 hours without eating... now you can go 4 hours easily and sometimes you can even wait for 5 hours!
  • You eat solids once a day right now, but that is something I plan on increasing to twice a day starting next week. We have been extra careful to make sure we go through all of the new stage 2 foods to make sure you don't have any other allergies and we have pretty much tried everything and you haven't had a problem with any of the new foods. You love eating the solid foods and especially love bath night because you get a very messy Biter Biscuit after you eat to chew on and make a mess before you get a bath!
  • You are completely out of 6 month clothes now and into 9 month and some 12 month clothes!
  • You sleep for about 10 hours straight each night.
  • You would love nothing more than to be able to chew on Liza & Remi's nose...anytime they come near your face you open your mouth really wide and try to pull their nose towards it!
  • You are still working on rolling over. This morning, according to Daddy, you rolled completely across the room because you kept pushing your toy just out of reach!
  • You do such a good job at sitting up now! You can sit without having to put your hands down to balance yourself and you will even pick up and toy and play with it while sitting up! You still fall down every now and then, and just like I mentioned last month, you think it's funny when you fall over!
  • Your bouncer is still your favorite place to be... I even had to raise it up another notch since you have gotten taller!
  • You give us the cutest laugh when we try to 'get your stomach or your neck.'
  • You have started to try to sleep on your stomach for all of your naps and last night you even rolled onto your stomach when I laid you down in bed and went right to sleep. I am still nervous about you sleeping on your stomach, so I left you there, while I watched you on the monitor, until your Daddy & I went to bed. Then we rolled you back over onto your back and you stayed that way for the rest of the night.

As much as I don't like you sleeping on your stomach, you look so cute when you do!

Silly, silly baby!

Another month has gone by and you are still cuter that ever. We love you so much Kaylee bug and we love watching you change and grow everyday! I hope as you grow up, you always know how much you mean to us! I love you bug! Love, Mommy

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  1. What a sweet girl!!! Cam sleeps on his tummy now too. It doesn't worry me as much as it used to because I discovered he can pull things away from his face. He knows when he needs to move. :)