Monday, March 1, 2010

Valentines Day Weekend

This post is a little late...well, very late, but time has just been flying by! Kaylee had her first Valentines Day 2 weeks ago and it was a busy weekend! Thursday morning Daniel had to leave for Daytona, so it was just Kaylee and I the whole day. We sat around and played and watched tv and I tried to clean up the house a little bit while she took her nap. We went to bed early Thursday night because we had to be up early Friday morning to get ready for her 6 month checkup.
For some reason I have always had trouble getting Kaylee to the doctor without rushing... even when we first brought her home and she had her 3 day checkup, we were running late even with my mom helping me. Friday I had everything together and just had to grab a blanket for Kaylee and start the car. I put her in her bouncer and ran outside to start the car. I got back inside and told Kaylee that we were going to be on time for once and picked her up. And then...I smelled something....
At first I thought...hey, no big deal... I'll just change her real quick. I put her on our bed and pulled her pants off not thinking about what usually happens when she poops while in her bouncer. Yea... all over the inside of her pants, all over my freshly washed comforter, all over her socks and even a little bit got on her onesie (the only 9 month long sleeve onesie I had!). I managed to get her cleaned up, changed, get the comforter back in the washing machine and get her in the car all within 5 minutes!
We ended up making it to the doctor's office right on time. Kaylee did great as usual during her checkup. She started getting fussy when I was getting her dressed while waiting on the nurse to come in to give her her shots, so I figured if she was already in a bad mood before she got her shots, after she got them it was going to take me forever to calm her down. She had 2 different shots and a oral vaccine. On the first shot she never even flinched and didn't cry... on the 2nd shot she cried for maybe 10 seconds and then was back to smiling again. I got her loaded up in the car and we went back home to hang out for a little while before her Grandma & Great Grandma came to see us.
Once again, it snowed Friday night (about 3-4 inches) and Saturday morning Kaylee, Grandma(my Mom) and I went to Target to do some shopping! Kaylee was spoiled, as usual, and her Grandma and I bought her a bunch of clothes and some stage 2 solid foods. I had a hard time finding long sleeve onesies, so we left there and ran over to Kohls to see if they had any. Of course, they didn' we went over to Babies R Us and they were out too! I know it's close to spring but it's still too cold for her to wear short sleeve onesies and she has outgrown all of her 6 month clothes. I ended up finding 1 pack of long sleeve onesies a few days later at I'm just going to have to make those last until it warms up outside :)

Saturday night my Mom and Grandma watched Kaylee for me while I went grocery shopping. Daniel left for Daytona on Thursday morning and was able to catch a ride on a plane back from Daytona Saturday night instead of staying there until Sunday night and missing Valentines Day with Kaylee and I. Sunday Daniel and I were able to go out to eat for lunch before Mom & Grandma had to leave. The rest of the day the 3 of us spent some time together at the house and then we took Kaylee to the mall in Winston to pick out some cute outfits from Baby Gap! Kaylee was good, as always, while we were at the mall. I think she loves riding around in her stroller and looking at everything in the stores.
Here are some pictures from the weekend!
Kaylee opening her Valentines present from Grandma

Kaylee & Great Grandma

Kaylee with her present from Grandpa

Looking at the caterpillar from her Great Uncle Bubba

My little love bug!

She loved her little ladybug

All of Kaylee's Valentines Gifts(Daniel made the card on the left for her and bought her the flowers and the dog is from both of us...I also bought her a heart shaped balloon that she loved)

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