Saturday, March 6, 2010

First cold...and eating things she shouldn't...

It seems like just last week that Kaylee wouldn't play with her toys and never really tried to grab anything. Every day I think she tries harder and harder to get into things around the house. I know that when she starts crawling I am going to have my hands full! Last week Daniel & I took Kaylee to Lowes to get a few things we needed around the house. Daniel accidentally dropped Kaylee's toy on the ground as he was getting her out of the car so we didn't have a toy to carry in with us (it had been raining all day so the toy got soaked as soon as it hit the ground).

I had my shopping list in my hand as I was pushing the buggy and Kaylee kept trying to grab it. Finally I gave in and just let Kaylee 'hold' the list. Daniel pushed her around for a while so that I could grab some things we needed... I turned around to put the things in the buggy and noticed there was a pretty big piece of paper missing from my shopping list which was now covered with baby drool. Kaylee opened her mouth and smiled really big so that I could see her afternoon snack. The piece completely covered her tongue and I didn't really know what to do... do I stick my finger in her mouth and try to get the paper (after I had touched the buggy and a bunch of other stuff) or do I just let her swallow it... well... she swallowed it! She thought it was pretty funny and I think she knew she had gotten away with something she wasn't supposed to do!

Wednesday night I started not feeling that great and also noticed that Kaylee sounded stopped up when she was asleep. She kept waking up coughing and not being able to breathe through her nose so we had to wake her up and give her some nasal drops to help clear out her nose. Thursday Daniel had a tryout a few hours before his plane was leaving for Las Vegas so Kaylee and I drove down to Concord to meet him for lunch before he had to leave. The whole weekend neither one of us felt that great. I'm still sick but I think Kaylee is almost over her little cold and she is back to sleeping much better at night! And speaking of sleeping, she has become a side sleeper. Up until now she would always sleep flat on her back but now she has to roll over completely on her side to sleep at night and there are times that she will sleep on her stomach if she is laying on her play mat.

Even though she didn't feel good, that didn't keep her from playing in her bouncer

The picture is blurry because she wouldn't sit still!
Someone is also getting in a bad habit of rolling onto their stomach when they don't want to go to sleep or right when they wake up from a nap!
She always makes sure to hold onto her paci!

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