Monday, April 12, 2010

8 Months!

Where has the past 8 months gone?!? Little bug, you have really changed a lot this past month! The biggest difference I have noticed is your ability to sit up on your own and being able to use both hands to play with your toys (without falling over anymore!). Your personality continues to come out more and more everyday and I just love it!

  • We just switched you to size 4 diapers! They are a little big on you but the size 3's were too small.

  • You still take four 8 oz bottles and now you are on a schedule with those! You get a bottle when you wake up which is usually around 8, then a bottle at 12 and 4 everyday and then a bottle before bedtime (which is anywhere between 7:15 and 8:00 depending on how sleepy you are). It's so nice to have your bottles on a schedule!

  • You are now eating solids twice a day (first thing in the morning and then at night around 6:30). You have been trying a lot of new foods including fish and have liked everything! Our friends Kay & Libby have a baby food maker so I have been able to give you more of a variety of foods instead of sticking with only the baby food they have at the store. In the mornings I have been giving you a bagel with strawberry cream cheese every now and then. The first time you tried it you couldn't chew it up but you are getting better at it everyday. I think it's the texture that your not used to swallowing.

  • I'm not really sure what's going on with the sizes on your clothes... a few of your 9 month sleep n plays still fit, but I think Carter's has started making their clothes differently because you have a few 9 month long sleeve onesies that fit but your 12 month short sleeve onesies look a little tight. I actually put a onesie on you this morning and realized it was a 18 month one and it fits just fine. So I guess you would say you are between 12-18 month size clothes.

  • You are now taking all of your naps in your crib and sleeping in it at night as well. It seems like you have been sleeping much better since we moved you to your crib and will sleep 12 hours most nights, but sometimes you only make it to 11 hours.

  • You still love playing with Liza and Remi but here lately you seem to like playing on your own more. You also seem a little less interested in your bouncer. You are usually happiest sitting in the floor with your box of toys and being able to pick out whatever you want. You have a plate that you brought home from your Grandma & Grandpa's house that you love to sit and chew on and push your face flat against it and try to eat the plate!

  • It is getting so hard to change your diaper and get you dressed now because you are always rolling over. I'm starting to think that you see it as a game. I have to use one arm to try to pin you down while I try to change your diaper...this has resulted in me getting punched several times in the face (thank you very much!) and you have got a few (accidental) elbows to the chin.

  • You have been going through a stage where you cry when we try to put your arms in your clothes but over the past few days you seem to be getting over that.

  • I am finally comfortable with you sleeping on your stomach! I still get a little paranoid when you are on your stomach and close to the bumper in your crib, so before I go to sleep I make sure your face isn't pushing up against anything and then I try not to worry about it!

  • You love going for car rides! Anytime I ask you if 'you want to go for a ride' you get so excited and smile really big! We also took you on your first ride on the dirtbike! I was afraid it would be a little too loud and hurt your ears so Daddy hopped on the bike and sat you in front of him and I was the lucky one who got to push both of you down the street on it! You seemed to really enjoy it and held onto the gas cap since you couldn't reach the handlebars.

  • As of just this past weekend we no longer thicken your bottles and you haven't had any troubles with it! We still have to make sure you are sitting up when you take your bottles because you get choked pretty easily when you are laying down too much. You are still taking your medicine once a day but I think we will try cutting that out soon and see how it goes!
Look at that little grin!
Pretty blue eyes & big smile!
Standing up by herself!
She loves playing in her crib!

I really think I somehow manage to love you a little more everyday baby girl. You have the sweetest smile and the cutest laugh that can always brighten up my day. Your Daddy & I love you so much!



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