Sunday, April 25, 2010

Getting back on a routine

The day finally came when Daniel went back to work... it's not the job that he was looking for, but it's something...and something is better than nothing! It's crazy, but after only 3 days Kaylee and I were back on a little routine/schedule of our own. It really does make things so much easier because I can plan my day more around what she will be doing. Here is a look at what our days are like now:

9:00 am: Wake up, solids then bottle

10:00 am: I eat breakfast while Kaylee watches Nick Jr. or plays in her bouncer

10:45 am: Put Kaylee down for a nap and hop on the treadmill until she
wakes up

11:45 am: Wake Up- Usually she will take about a hour nap, but it varies...that
is the one thing that isn't predictable

11:45-12:30: Play time in the floor

12:30 pm: Lunch time bottle

12:45 pm: Play time in her bouncer

1:30 pm: Down for a nap (I either take a nap, pay bills or catch up on things on the computer)

2:15 pm: Kaylee wakes up

2:15-3:30: Play time in the floor

3:30 pm: Snacks while in her bouncer

4:00 pm: Afternoon bottle

4:15 pm: Play time

4:45 pm: Down for a nap (I start supper, take a nap or watch tv)

5:30 pm: Kaylee wakes up

5:30-6:30: Kaylee plays in her bouncer (while I finish and eat supper)

7:00 pm: Solid food

7:30 pm: Bath time or play time

8:30 pm: Bed time bottle and then time for bed

It's hard for me to write all of this in detail because I never know how long her naps are going to last. She has days when her naps are the usual 30-45 minutes but then there are other days where her naps are closer to a hour and 1/2 long. Here recently she has started staying up later than normal and it seems to be working out a little better. She goes to be anywhere between 9 and 9:45 pm and will sleep til around 9:15 am. She falls asleep quicker and sleeps longer so I think we will stick with the later bedtime as long as things keep going good.

I took her to Walmart by myself for the first time last week....yes, in 8 months this is the first time I've taken her with me. I've always had Daniel watch her for me in the past because I can get my shopping done so much quicker, plus the thought of all the germs on the shopping carts grosses me out. I really need to get one of those cart covers... right now I just take 2 blankets with me to cover up the handlebar and the seat. She did ok, but she was restless and decided to scream (just for fun) the whole time I was in the store.

Kaylee and I both hate Daniel being gone during the day but we are making the best of it. She is usually a little fussier in the afternoons but as soon as she sees Daniel walk in the door she gets the biggest smile on her face and is so happy to see her Daddy!

Playing before bedtime :)

I love that sweet smile!

Looking for her favorite toy

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