Saturday, April 10, 2010

I got in bed last night and...

I turned the tv on!!! You don't understand how huge this is for Daniel & I. Since we brought Kaylee home and she has been sleeping in our room, we couldn't watch tv in our bedroom because it would wake her up. But someone is a big girl now and is sleeping in her own bed in her own room! I have been putting off moving her to her bed for so long because I just knew the first few nights were going to be terrible and I couldn't stand the thought of her being so far away.

I finally told myself before we went back to TN for Easter weekend that when we got back home, she was going to start sleeping in her bed. She has taken her naps in her pack n play in our room also so I figured on Monday when I put her in her crib to take a nap she wouldn't like it, but she actually did great...and Monday night, after her bottle, we put her in bed and that was fussing, no screaming, no laying there wide awake...nothing! She went to sleep and actually seemed to sleep better because she doesn't move around as much. Plus, she is sleeping longer now too... last night she slept for 12 hours straight! I am so lucky to have a 'easy baby' but that's just another reason why I only want 1 child... because I've been spoiled by Kaylee and I know if I had another baby it would probably be the complete opposite of her!

Kaylee has gotten so good at napping during the day. I remember not too long ago when I was breaking her from the habit of sleeping only while we held her that I would lay her down for a nap, only to listen to her fuss and scream for a hour and 45 minutes and never take a nap. Then it got to where most of the time when I would lay her down she would fall asleep after about 20 minutes, but I will still sit here and wonder if she was going to take a nap or not. Now, usually in less than 5 minutes she is asleep and there hasn't been one time that I've put her down that she didn't take a nap!

It's so cute when she naps, if she isn't asleep before her seahorse quits playing music she will reach out and turn it back on so that she can fall asleep. She is also really good at knowing where her paci is, so that when she starts to wake up during a nap or at night, she will reach around, grab it and put it back in her mouth without opening her eyes. I really hope she can keep this up now that I have finally gotten used to her sleeping in her own room. Our room looks so much bigger without the play yard in there!

My sweet baby girl...I'm so lucky to have you!

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