Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mothers Day Weekend Gatlinburg trip

Ok... so I'm fully aware that Mothers Day was like a month ago but I needed to go back and write about Kaylee and I's trip to Gatlinburg that weekend. Where did the days of sitting here blogging while Kaylee laid in the floor (in one place) playing with her toys go? Oh yea... she figured out how to get around :) So now my days are spent sitting in the floor playing with her(translation: trying to keep her from busting her head on the tv stand or the corners of our tables) and trying to take a nap whenever she decides to take one.

Anywho... back to work... so instead of my mom driving all the way here to NC to see Kaylee (she comes up once a month), we decided to have a Mothers Day weekend in Gatlinburg. Kaylee's great grandma (my grandma) also came up along with Kaylee's great uncle (my uncle). Of course, the problem with waiting a month later to write about the trip, I can't remember as many details so this post will be mostly pictures.

The first day we were there (we arrived around 2 or 3) we sat in the hotel room and played with Kaylee until it was time for supper. Then we walked down the street to a restaurant where Kaylee decided she wanted to try everything we were eating. Afterwards we walked around looking at the different stores and Kaylee eventually fell asleep in her stroller.

The next day (Saturday), we went walking around again. I was dreading this because if Kaylee doesn't get her naps she gets soooo fussy and usually she won't take a nap while you are holding her... but then this happened:

She was completely out of it! So then I figured... as soon as someone picks her up and we start walking again she will wake up....

Nope! That poor little baby... all she wanted to do is sleep while we were dragging her around town! While we were there we went out to eat at several different places. I don't know if she is already after my money or she just likes my wallet, but anytime I take her shopping with me or we go out to eat, if she is fussy and all else fails, all I have to do is hand her my wallet and she is completely happy!

That Saturday Kaylee's grandma, my mom, decided to take her swimming in the hotel pool. She had bought her this new little baby float but I almost think that Kaylee would've rather been swimming by herself! Instead of playing in the water, as usual, she tried to drink it all (this is why I hate bath time because she does then same thing then).
When she was out of her float she actually tried to if I can just get her to keep her face out of the water and get her some little arm floaties she will be ready to go!
We woke up Sunday morning (Mothers Day) and all went out to eat for a nice breakfast before driving back home. It was nice to get away for the weekend and for Kaylee to be able to see her family. We are looking forward to going back to Gatlinburg in August to celebrate her 1st birthday!

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  1. What a cutie! It looks like you had a great time!