Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My little girl is growing up!

I'm really... really... slacking on posting on here. Today I realized just how much I'm missing writing down so I better get caught up. I still have other posts from several weeks ago (including Kaylee & I's trip to Gatlinburg on Mother's Day weekend...which was forever ago...) but since my brain can only handle things day by day, I wanted to get caught up on Kaylee...what she is up to... and how much she has changed!

About 2 weeks ago she finally figured out how to crawl! It wasn't until I decided I was brave enough to sit her on the hardwood floor downstairs that she finally got the hang of it! I swear that girl is going to give me a heart attack...she will sit up on her knees (sometimes on one knee with the other leg kicked out to the side) and will decide to act like she is going to slam her face on the floor...only to catch herself with her hands once her forehead is about 2 inches away from disaster! She will start out crawling on all fours and then go into a army crawl.

She got her 3rd tooth back in the middle of May (13th) and her 4th tooth came in last week (May 28) when we were back home in TN. Then only a few days later (June 1) her first tooth on the top finally broke through! She has been a little fussy here lately because of the teething and has slept a lot more than normal.

Last week (well, the week before that... May 22nd to be exact) she started pulling herself up onto the furniture. It really seems like everything changed so quickly... she went from just sitting in one spot playing with her toys, to constantly crawling around and pulling up on things. So far she has pulled herself up in her bed(which she has been doing for a long time), the ottoman, our wicker chair, somehow... the corner of the wall and my favorite... she will crawl over to me when I'm sitting at the computer and grab my chair with one hand and the desk leg with the other and just stand here and look at me! It's the sweetest thing but I'm always so afraid she is going to fall and hit her head.

Just recently (last weekend while we were back in TN), Kaylee finally started taking her first steps! It started with her Grandma holding her hands and has progressed into her holding onto things while taking steps!

It is crazy how much she changed within less than a month! I have been working on getting things together for her 1st birthday party and it seems like time is just flying by. She is getting more and more talkative and has a great sense of humor! The sweetest change in her over the past few weeks is that she has went from screaming anytime I tried to read her a book to grabbing books on her own and opening them up for me to read to her. She will sit in my lap and turn each page when I ask her to and it just melts my heart!

I can already tell her 10 month post is going to be the longest yet!

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