Saturday, November 6, 2010

14 Months


Here we go again... another month has went by (almost 2 since I'm so late with this post) and I'm really starting to think you will be 2 years old before I know it! These past 2 months have went by so quickly that sometimes I forget how old you are! I'm noticing a trend over the past few months... each month the biggest change in you is usually your ability to get around easier and faster. You keep me busy throughout the day but I love being at home with you! Here's what you have been up to:

  • You are still in size 5 diapers but I think you will be needing size 6 in Pampers before long!

  • You still wear 18 month clothing but I have recently put your 24 month pj's in your drawer. They are a little big on you but you can still wear them. Some of your 24 month shirts and dresses fit and you even wore a 2T shirt the other day!
  • You wear a size 6-7 shoe, depending on the brand.

  • You're still saying the same 4 words as last month: Mama, Dada (you don't say this very often), Liza (iza) and kitty kitty (kkk...kkk...). You will also say "what's that" and hold your hand out at whatever you're looking at. It kinda runs together and sounds like "whasthat."

  • Technically no new teeth (if I had wrote this on the 12th like I'm supposed to), but I noticed today that one on the bottom that has been trying to come through for weeks has finally broken through.

  • You are still doing good with your naps. You will usually sleep at least an hour twice a day. Of course, there are days when you really fight your afternoon nap. This morning you took a 3 hour nap!

  • You still sleep right at 12 hours every night. I hope you keep this up and will always be a good sleeper!

  • You are still very much attached to your 'lovie.' You love to give it hugs and hold onto it as you fall asleep.

  • For the most part, you only have your paci at nap time, at night or in the car. Here lately if you see it in your bed you will go grab it. It's not hard to get it away from you though, I will usually pull it out of your mouth and laugh at you, telling you that you don't need a paci and that you're not a baby anymore. You will laugh and run off to go play!

  • You struggled with your first cold this month. It was only really bad in the mornings, you would cough a lot and I felt so bad for you. This went on for about 2 weeks but you're finally over it now.

  • We had to put a small heater in your room because now that it's getting cold outside at night, your room is always the coldest one in the apartment. I noticed that after we did this you seemed to sleep much better. You hate being covered up and I'm always afraid you're going to get too cold.

  • You're still a great eater. Eating anything and everything we give you! You love it when I pour some snacks in a bowl and let you eat out of it. You will grab a piece of food and make a circle around the living room and then come back for more!

  • You're still my little helper when it comes to unloading the dishwasher and you seem to be getting a little better at grabbing the bigger things other than silverware and handing them to me.

  • You do not like it if I sit down. You will instantly start crying... can you say spoiled? :)

  • If I want to eat something I usually have to walk around in circles through the living room and then back through the kitchen with you following me so that you don't see my food. Otherwise you scream and try to eat all of my food! You are getting smart because sometimes you will stop after going around a corner and catch me walking towards you... my sneaky little baby!

  • You have developed an obsession over shoes, sunglasses, hats... anything that you can wear! I think I will be buying you some dress up clothes soon!

  • You love going outside now that you are really good at walking. You're not too sure about walking in grass though.

  • Your love for books has really grown over the past month. You love to grab a book and bring it to me to read. You will crawl up in my lap just for me to read to you and it melts my heart!

I don't have a lot of pictures to choose from this month, so here are some that I took on my phone so they aren't the best quality.

You found the box that has the "It's a Girl" bubblegum cigars in it and you carry one around with you everywhere!

You love walking around on the balcony and for some reason you really love your jacket

I wish I could've taken this picture with my digital camera... you were laying right beside Liza playing with your love her!

You are such a blessing to your Daddy and I sweet baby. You make us laugh no matter what and that is something I'm so thankful for.



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  1. Hi Mandy, thank you so much for commenting on my 'Cry It Out' post and offering your Baby Whisperer book. That is so sweet of you to offer. My neighbor actually lent it to me recenlty, however, I haven't read it yet. I hear it's good so I really would like to read through it. Thanks again for the offer, it is so nice to know there are other Mom's out there willing to help!!!

    Have a nice weekend!