Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

I'm really struggling with keeping up with this blog. I've went back and forth here lately on whether or not I want to continue with it. I'm doing it as a 'baby book' for Kaylee and I like being able to add pictures to each post compared to just writing in a book for her... but at the same time, keeping up with this takes a lot of work! I have so many pictures that I need to order to update photo albums but first I need to run them through photoshop. I have the same problem with the blog, I want to clean the pictures up before posting them on here, but sitting down and going through all of the pictures is so time consuming. I have 4 or 5 posts that I need to catch up on and then I'm going to have to figure out a way to stay on top of everything and not get so far behind because I feel like I'm missing the little details that I want to remember because I'm just trying to get the main part of what we did or where we went written down before I forget!

ANYWAYS.... Towards the beginning of October Daniel and I decided to take Kaylee to a local pumpkin patch. This is something we did last year and is a tradition that I want to carry on from year to year. But first, we had to go buy Kaylee some shoes since the only ones she had were sandals that were bought back in August. Shoe shopping for Kaylee is... frustrating! Her foot is very wide and she has a high arch so 99% of the shoes that the stores have won't fit! After trying on almost every toddler sized shoe in the store, we finally found a pair that fit! Thank God they have different colors in this style! We love the shoes and will probably buy her another pair in the next size up.After getting the shoes, we headed to the pumpkin patch. There were pony rides, hay rides and a petting zoo area. While waiting for the next hay ride we decided to take Kaylee to see the animals. She really didn't seem to interested in them and kept watching the other kids.It wasn't long until they were calling for people to get in line for the next hay ride. Kaylee really seemed to enjoy it and just stood in Daniel's lap, looking around at everything.
After the hay ride we saw a trailer full of pumpkins. I had been looking for a good place to get some pictures of Kaylee and the trailer was perfect! She didn't know what to do with all of the pumpkins around her and she kept trying to grab all of them.
We found a pumpkin that looked like the perfect size for her. The one we picked out last year was smaller so it looks like each year we will be picking out a pumpkin that is a little bigger than the last. I'm glad she smiled this year in the picture of her with her pumpkin... last year she looked possessed!
Before we left, we walked over to the barn to let her see the cows and horses... but just like the other animals, she wasn't too impressed. I love this picture of her and Daniel. She is such a Daddy's girl and anytime he is around she always wants him to hold her instead of me.
It was nice to get out and spend some time together as a family. With Daniel being gone every weekend and working during the week, we don't have much time together with the 3 of us. I'm looking forward to the off season so that Kaylee can have some extra time with her Daddy!

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