Friday, November 19, 2010

15 Months

Little Love,

Another month has gone by and I swear it's harder to keep up with you each month. From keeping up with how you are constantly changing to telling you 100 times a day to stay out of the trash can, you are always on the go! Here is what you've been up to:
  • You're still in size 5 diapers.

  • 18 month clothes fit you perfectly but you also wear a lot of 24 month clothes.

  • You jumped up a shoe size... you wear a size 7 or 8, depending on the brand. The size 8 shoes you have are a little long on you but we had to order them because the size 7 wasn't wide enough. This is a issue we have every time we look for shoes for you!

  • You have learned 3 new words this month, you can now also say "wemi" (Remi), "ish" (fish) and "inky" (stinky). It is the cutest thing when you say stinky because it sounds like you are pinching your nose while saying it!

  • You have 8 teeth on top and 7 on the bottom. It's hard to keep track of them because you don't like opening your mouth for me to look!

  • You are still doing good with your naps. You will usually take 2 per day.

  • You have been sleeping for about 11 hours every night since the time change but now you seem to be going back to 12 hours. At night when you're really tired you get fussy and don't want anyone to hold you or read to you, you just want us to put you in bed and leave you alone.

  • You still love holding onto your lovie when you sleep. A lot of times you will pull it out of your crib and carry it around the house and give it 'lovin.' It is the sweetest thing! If I grab it and give it a hug you will run over and hug me while I'm hugging lovie!

  • You have been healthy this month... no colds! One thing that has come up though is a bad rash that, at first, I though was a diaper rash. You have had it for almost a month now and after trying several things the doctor suggested, she called you in some antibiotics last night that treat staph infections. Hopefully this will clear it up quickly! You are so lucky so have such a great doctor. She called me from her cell phone after work to check on you and to find out which pharmacy I wanted to pick up your medicine from.

  • As always, you're a great eater! But there are some things that I think you have gotten tired of. You no longer want cereal for breakfast and you are tired of the regular flavored goldfish... but I came across sour cream & onion flavored goldfish at the store and you LOVE them (but you have to fight Daddy for them because he likes them too)! You can now eat pretty much anything we eat. I don't have to worry about mashing anything up and I can even give you cereal bars and peanut butter and crackers and you can eat those on your own.

  • You still like helping me with unloading the dishwasher and now you will also help me pull clothes out of the dryer. Sometimes I can't fold them quick enough to keep up with how fast you pull them out!

  • You still don't like it when I sit down. We are working on that though!

  • You still love to read! I keep all of the cards that you have received in your nightstand drawer and you are always opening the drawer and pulling out the cards to look at!

  • You still love shoes, hats, headbands, sunglasses, and now belts! You picked up your Daddy's belt a couple of days ago and tried to wrap it around your waist, so he put it on you (wrapped it around twice) and you loved it! You walked around and kept looking down at it and wore it for at least a hour!

  • You have started getting really upset when your Daddy leaves to go to work or to go out of town. You run up to him and hug him and sometimes hold onto his leg. Thankfully, once he is out the door you calm down and start playing again.

I've put most of the good pictures I have of you in my other posts but here are 2 of my favorites that I took with my phone.

Daddy put Cool Whip on you!


Even with all of the changes, one thing that hasn't changed is your cute smile or your sense of humor. You are constantly making your Daddy and I laugh at all of the silly things you do... and somehow, even at only 15 months, you know exactly what you are doing when you try to make us laugh. We both love you very much bugs!



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