Friday, June 19, 2009


It's funny how things change physically when your pregnant. After hauling around little peanut for 8 months I'm still not used to it. Yesterday Daniel and I went to Concord Mills to go shopping for more clothes for Kaylee. It was nice because we really don't have the time or money to get out and do stuff a lot here lately. It was early in the day and not quite time for lunch so we decided to kill some time and walk around. About 30-45 minutes into walking I was already tired and starting to feel an aching pain in my hips but tried to ignore it and keep walking... bad idea! After about a hour and 1/2 of walking I could barely walk and started having very painful contractions... Concord Mills is just like Opry Mills mall...huge! When I finally stopped to sit down we were all the way on the other side of the mall from where we parked. After taking a 10 minute break I finally managed to get up and start walking again... we finally made it to the car and stopped at On The Border to have lunch on our way home.

I had hoped that after getting some sleep last night I would feel better but it didn't really help much... I still feel like I've been ran over by a bus, my hips are still hurting and I'm still having painful contractions. I have decided that for the rest of the pregnancy I'm taking it more long mowing the yard...nothing! For some reason I kept thinking that if I was tired I could just get over it and keep going but apparently when your pregnant you just can't. I'm also still not used to this stomach sticking out so far! I have almost burnt it several times leaning over the stove after cooking to put pots and pans in the cabinet above it only to look down and see that my stomach is like 1/2 an inch away from being on the hot burner. I had another one of those moments yesterday when in the bathroom at the mall... for some reason I still catch myself thinking I can 'suck it in' which is what I tried to do when opening the door to try to squeeze out of the bathroom stall only to wack myself in the stomach with the door.

I am 33 weeks along today and hopefully I have only a month to go. I keep thinking Kaylee will be here in July instead of August... we had a little talk this morning and I told her she is allowed to come out anywhere between July 20-31st... let's see if she listens...

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