Saturday, June 27, 2009

34 Weeks...

I'm really not sure how to feel when I tell people I'm 34 weeks along... yes... 34 weeks is a long time... but that leaves 6 weeks to go and that seems like forever! In the beginning I was so obsessed with how many weeks I was. Of course I went out and bought one of those week-by-week pregnancy books that would describe changes as you get further along in your pregnancy. Up until around 24-25 weeks I would read the next chapter (covering the week I was on) every Friday when I could consider myself a week further along... heck, sometimes I'd even read it on Thursday night because technically I'd made it through that day and what's reading it a couple of hours before Friday going to hurt? But for some reason I haven't even opened the book since week 27 and time has gone by so much quicker since then! This is my first(and will be my ONLY pregnancy) so I don't know what to expect but I'm ok with that. Plus the book can't predict everything. For example...

Daniel and I went to Lowes last night to pick up some things and when we got back in the car I took a deep breath and I could breathe!!! I was so excited but then thought...wait a minute... why can I breathe??? Apparently little Kaylee finally decided to make her way on down a little bit closer to the exit sign. I had went to the doctor earlier in the day and she told me I was far enough along to where they wouldn't try to stop the contractions if I went into labor from here on out, so I guess she figured she might as well head that way... I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure it doesn't say in the pregnancy book that at exactly 34 weeks the baby will drop and what I thought was hip pain before would be NOTHING compared to this! I can barely walk, I can't get my pants on without feeling terrible stabbing pains in my stomach...heck, I can't even lift my leg up high enough to get in the car! I know that just because the baby drops doesn't mean I'm going into labor anytime soon but now I feel even more sure that she will be here in July instead of August.

We have so much to do around the house before she gets here like painting her bathroom (yes, this is sad... she is going to have her own bathroom from the moment she is born!), cleaning up the house, finish painting other rooms in our house and picking up a few other things that we will need for her. It has been so nice to have Daniel at home with me all weekend the past few weeks but it looks like that is coming to an end starting this weekend. I can't complain because that's a good thing as far as his job goes but now it's back to worrying about him being out of town when I go into labor. I really thought we would've taken advantage of him being at home these past few weekends and get things done around the house but we haven't gotten one single thing marked off our list of things to do! I'm not sure what exactly we've done all these weekends but it was nice just hanging out.

I finally managed to get my hospital bag somewhat packed a week ago. I had made my list back at around 30 weeks but kept putting off getting everything together. When I had to go to L&D 2 weeks ago for contractions I rushed around and got most of my things together and threw them in a laundry basket beside my hospital bag... there was something about putting the things in the actual bag I plan on taking to the hospital that made me feel like I was really about to have a baby so putting everything in the laundry basket somehow made it seem a little better... last week I got tired of looking at the laundry basket so I finally put everything into the hospital bag. With the exception of a few things that I'm still using, my hospital bag is pretty much completely packed and ready to go!

I can't believe it's been a week since I've posted a blog... hopefully this next week I can get back to posting something on here more often. I'm just trying to enjoy these last days of peace and quiet before Kaylee is here!

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