Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My nightly walks...

Who needs to work out when you have to pee every few hours? I think for the most part of the pregnancy I have been fairly lucky only having to get up twice at night to make my way to the bathroom... it looks like my luck has run out! So since I'm currently unemployed and pretty much just sit around the house all day this is what I choose to write about... late night bathroom trips...

Normally I wouldn't mind having to get up to run to the bathroom every 2-3 hours but at this point, it's something that requires a lot of thought and planning... I wake up thinking great... here we go again...and for some reason I still lay there thinking oh...maybe I can just hold it and go back to sleep...nope...can't go back to sleep. Then there's the issue of getting up without messing up the pillows I sleep with... that probably wouldn't be such a big deal if my hips weren't hurting so bad and I could just roll over out of bed... after what feels like several minutes of scooting around on the bed trying to get over my body pillow without pulling out of from under the covers I finally make it out of the bed.

What started as my hips popping only right as I would stand up has now turned into constant popping all the way to the bathroom... the only way to stop it is to try to waddle across the bedroom... I'm sure if all of this was on camera it would be worth a few good laughs... Liza usually lifts her head up to look at me thinking..."your up again?" and Remi will come stumbling out from underneath the covers to see where I'm going. What's sad is that even with much effort it takes to make it to the bathroom there's no feeling of accomplishment there...I walk back into the bedroom thinking, "I'm going to have to do this all over again in a few hours...maybe I should just sleep in the bathroom tonight..."

Unfortunately at that point my walk is only beginning... I have had trouble with my knees since I was younger and being pregnant certainly hasn't helped... along with waking up having to pee I also wake up to an extreme aching pain in my knees. I have found the only way to get the pain to go away enough to where I can fall back asleep is to walk around. So before going to get back in bed I make a few laps through the living room, dining room and kitchen before finally making my way back to bed to lay there and try to catch my breath before falling back asleep.

I think the only way I get through having to get up to make trips to the bathroom and walk through the house is by telling myself somehow maybe this is getting me used to getting up a lot at night so that when little peanut comes home with us I will have some practice... probably not... but what's wrong with wishful thinking?

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