Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Almost 6 weeks!

Its been a week since I've posted on here so I have a lot to catch up on! Kaylee is now smiling quite a bit, she will laugh and coo at people and even at the dogs! She is doing really good with following us with her eyes and holding her head up. She is still doing great sleeping at night... anywhere between 6-7 hours straight. Unfortunately, her reflux seems to be getting worse. Sometimes it's hard to even lay her down to change her diaper because she instantly gets choked. She has a swallow study scheduled for the beginning of October and has been referred to a GI doctor to continue to try to figure out what's causing all of this. She is also going next week for a ultrasound on her back because the doctor thinks she might have a mild form of Spina Bifida.

She is uncomfortable for most of the day but for those short times when she isn't, it's so great to see her being her normal self. She had her 1 month checkup yesterday and the doctor said other than the reflux everything else looks great. Kaylee weighed 12lbs 9oz and was 22.5 inches long. She's a big baby... according to the growth chart she is longer than 90% of babies her age and her weight and head measurement is bigger than 97% of babies her age... no wonder I had to have a c-section! Since adding rice cereal to her bottles to thicken the milk she has been having a problem with constipation so the doctor told me to give her some apple juice mixed with water to help with that... she loves the apple juice! In less than a minute she had drank the whole ounce that I had put in her bottle! Here's the most recent pictures I have of little Kaylee Bug...

Just hanging out after getting home from the doctor's office
She's so silly!
She kept smiling at Liza... it was so cute!
Someone's sleepy!
She loves laying on her changing table
She always sleeps with her arms sticking out in her carseat


  1. How do you get her to sleep 6-7 hours straight at night? Is there something you do or is it just her personality? Also- I'm at my wits end on the out of town husband stuff. How do you deal with her when he is gone? I feel so trapped!

  2. With the sleeping through the night we started back when she was 3 weeks old trying to make her longest awake period be at the end of the day before bed. It was hard at first trying to keep her awake but now she just does it on her own. Actually there are times where she just keeps fighting going to sleep and it takes a while to get her to fall asleep. As for being here alone with her, the days that Daniel has off before going out of town he will take care of Kaylee and I can get a break where all I have to worry about is pumping.

  3. Thanks for the advice! I nominated you for a blog award. Check out my blog for the details.

  4. Cameron likes his changing table now too. :)

    As for the Mommy + Baby photos, sometimes a lot of patience is required. LOL Getting those didn't take a long time, but I don't have a clue how I got him to smile. LOL