Wednesday, September 9, 2009

little one month old kaylee bug

kaylee i cant believe that you are a month old already. it seems like only yesterday i was standing over you after you were just introduced to the world crying and thinking to myself i cant believe this beautiful baby is my little girl. it seems like every day i wake up and look at you and you are changing in every way. i remember when we first brought you home you did not sleep all that much but in very little time you have gone to sleeping all through the night to only waking up a few times during the day to stuff your little fat belly. i hate the fact that i have to get up and leave you and mommy every day to go to work cause i just feel like when you do finally wake up you do cute things that i miss and even tho i get to see you when i get home we really dont do much but just sit and hold you cause whenever i put you down to play its always bad timing for you and you get fussy, but i know you cant help it and one day we will be able to play all night . but baby your mommy and i enjoy every moment we get to spend with you and we look forward to all the precious moments we get to spend with you in the future. we love you so much and we hope you dont grow up to fast on us.
love always, daddy

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