Sunday, September 27, 2009

She's getting old!

Friday I had a few errands to run so I decided to take Kaylee with me while Daniel mowed the yard. While I was downstairs getting ready to leave Daniel took Kaylee upstairs to get her dressed. When I went upstairs to get her I couldn't believe how much older she looked! She was wearing her jeans and Pumas for the first time and she looked adorable! So of course... I had to take pictures!
She doesn't look too happy...
Her cute little Pumas!
Just hangin out on the couch
When I went to see my doctor Thursday for my 6 week checkup she wore her cute little summer time dress. It's starting to get cooler outside so I'm trying to dress her up in her summer clothes as much as possible.

Last night she wore this outfit for the first time... I just had to get a picture of the cat face on her butt!She has been doing a little better with her reflux. She still has milk come out of her nose quite a bit but last week I started giving her medicine to her 3 times a day and it has made her much more comfortable... but giving her the medicine is a nightmare! She either chokes or spits part of it out. We are switching to the disolvable tablet form of Prevacid (her medicine) this week so I'm hoping that might be a little easier. This week she has appointments for her ultrasound on her back as well as her swallow study. I am really hoping they doctors can figure out something with the swallow study to keep the milk down.


  1. Her Pumas are adorable! Good luck with the reflux, I bet it is a nightmare. I saw your comment about MTSU, when did you graduate, I graduated in 2004-but I LOVED IT!!

  2. I went there from 2004-2006 then I moved to NC. I miss TN... I loved living in Murfreesboro... except for the traffic!

  3. OMG she is so adorable! :) Isn't it amazing how much they change SO fast?!