Wednesday, January 13, 2010

5 Months


Yesterday you turned 5 months old and once again, I can't believe how fast time is flying by. It makes me sad to think that next month you will be 1/2 a year old! This past month we celebrated your first Christmas. We went back home this year and we might possibly go back to Tennessee next year but after that, if we are still living in North Carolina, I plan on us being here Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. As you grow up I want you to be able to wake up Christmas morning and see all of your presents from Santa under the Christmas tree. With your bedroom being upstairs, I can already picture you running down the stairs on Christmas morning, excited to see what Santa brought you :)

I am so happy that your reflux has been getting better over the past month. You still struggle with it at times but it is so much better than just a few months ago. Your teeth are taking their time trying to come in but haven't bothered you quite as much this month compared to last. You're still sleeping great at night... anywhere from 9 hours (which rarely happens) to 11 hours straight. No matter how sleepy I am in the morning I always look forward to sitting up and looking over at you. It melts my heart to see you turn your head towards me and give me the biggest smile when you see me!

During the day you have struggled with your naps. You went from taking 1 long 3-4 hour nap during the day to only taking short 30 minute naps while your daddy or I hold you. Today you did manage to take almost a 2 hour nap while I held you. I hope we can get things back on track with your naps. You have been getting fussy a lot more and I think it is because of your short naps, but I'm sure we will get it all figured out! Your happiest times of the day, other than when you first wake up, is when you are eating! I have been feeding you solids once a day and trying to get on a more consistent schedule with that. We switched you from rice cereal to oatmeal which seems to be working better. At first you didn't like it but now it's not so bad. You still don't like green beans, carrots or peas but you love peaches, pears and sweet potatoes. I always put your Bumbo seat on the counter... which of course, your not supposed to do... :) and feed you that way. You like to grab the spoon and try to feed yourself, but I still have to hold onto it so that you don't stick the spoon down your throat!

You and your daddy have spent a lot of time together over the past 2 months since he lost his job, and I can tell that you really enjoy it. You love to just stare at him and smile and these past few days when he has left the house to go to tryouts, you have been so happy to see him when he gets home. He has definitely spoiled you by holding you all the time!

You continue to amaze me every day by how much you are changing. You still haven't figured out how to roll over yet but you are starting to learn how to sit up by yourself. You can sit without me holding you for a few seconds but then you forget to hold yourself up! You are starting to love your bouncy seat even more and I can tell you are getting taller because now you can reach the floor without me having to put a blanket under you. You also love Remi, Liza and Winston. Especially Remi, you will just stare at him and when we put him in our bed with you if he gets close enough, your eyes get really big and you try to grab him with both hands! There have been several times you have grabbed him, but you just squeeze so hard that he hates it :)

I can't wait to see how much you change over this next month little one! I love you so much!


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