Saturday, January 23, 2010

Learning to sit up!

I am slacking on keeping up with things on the blog... Kaylee has been really fussy here lately... I'm hoping it just her teething and not reflux related since we have tried to cut back on her meds. She is also spoiled because of her Daddy so she is always wanting us to play with her or hold her... and the few times that she plays by herself, she always makes sure that we are watching her. She is learning how to sit up more on her own. She still forgets what she is doing and will fall over. I always catch her except for if she is sitting on our bed, she will start to fall to the side and when she falls completely over she smiles really big!

Look at those chubby arms! My little Michelin girl :)
I think she is always the happiest playing in her bouncer. She will start bouncing and look at Daniel & I and when we smile at her or laugh at what she is doing, she will smile really big and giggle and do it again! I think she likes entertaining us :)

Happy baby:)
She has also become obsessed with the flowers on her bouncer. She will either try to lean forward as far as she can to get the toys in her mouth or she will put her face right up against this flower and try to give it Eskimo kisses! It is just the cutest thing because sometimes she will hold her breathe and puff her cheeks out while she rubs her nose on the flower!

Tonight while she was laying on her changing table, waiting for Daddy to get her bath ready, she kept acting like she wanted to roll over. She has came so close here lately. She is finally using her legs to pick her hips up off the ground and will sometimes push herself over onto her side. I helped her roll over on her changing table and the look on her face was priceless. It was the first time she has laid on her stomach there and she didn't know what to think! After 5 months, I think she just noticed the polka dots on her changing pad tonight!She has been doing great at sleeping at night... usually 11 hours every night, but we are still struggling with her daytime naps. I don't know what happened today but she only took one 30-45 minute nap (she did take 2 or 3 ten minute naps)... and when it came time for bed it was bad news. She fought going to sleep from 7:45 until 10:00 pm. I finally got her back out of her play yard around 9:30 and tried to rock her to sleep. She woke up twice with her eyes wide open and looked around. The last time she did this was funny because she picked her head up off my chest, looked up at me, and slammed her head back down and was out within 30 seconds!

We have figured out that she is allergic to apples, which was causing her reflux to flare up, and will probably be having an allergy test done here in a few weeks at her 6 month checkup. Neither Daniel or I are allergic to anything so I'm not sure where she got it from, but hopefully it's something she will grow out of!

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