Wednesday, January 13, 2010

where does the time go

well it sure doesnt seem like it but my little kaylee bug is already 5. months old that is. before you know it she will be half a year old then she will be 5 then 13 then 20 and so on. im afraid that she is gonna grow up on us so quick and she just wont be a little baby anymore. she already seems so grown up because she sleeps all night long, she is progressing very well, she seems to be very smart and very attentive to things. she has also learned her little "daddy i want that" face that im sure i am gonna see alot in the future and wont be able to say no to...ever. it feels like only yesterday that we got her little bouncy thing that she sits in with her feet touching the floor and she just jumps around in now and when we first got it her feet wouldnt come close to touching the floor that we had to stack pillows and blankets under her feet so she could reach to now talking about having to raise it up a notch cause she is gonna jump out of it one of these days. either she is growing taller so that her feet are on the ground or she is getting fatter and heavier that it cant support her. but its very funny and cute to sit there and watch her bounce and play in it

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