Monday, October 19, 2009

The cutest Tigger I've ever seen!

This weekend we got Kaylee dressed up in her Halloween costume to get some pictures. I knew she would be cute in her little Tigger costume but she was even more adorable than I had expected! Look at those ears and those pretty blue eyes!

The costume even had a cute little tail!
At first she wasn't too sure what we were trying to do!

Last Friday Kaylee got a present in the mail from her grandma and grandpa... It's a vibrating chair that rocks when she moves around in it. She loves this thing!

She has figured out that if she kicks her feet out the chair will rock... so she sits there and starts kicking as hard as she can while looking around talking to herself. I like it because it's easy to carry around the house, even when she is in it... plus she sits at the perfect angle to take her meds and to eat. Now if I could just get her to hold her bottle everything would be great!

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  1. She is adorable! I just found your blog through Keeping Up with the Jones's. I have a little man who is 11 weeks, and so we have a lot in common!