Saturday, October 3, 2009

Slowly figuring it out...

Apparently taking care of a baby is pretty time consuming! I keep trying to get on here to update her page but by the time I remember to do it she is either hungry, fussy, has a dirty diaper or just wants to be held. Last week we went for her ultrasound and everything looked fine. I was afraid she wouldn't like laying there on her stomach while the doctor looked at her back but she did great! Thursday we took her to Wake Forest Baptist Hospital for her swallow study. She did great during the study but they saw that milk was going up into her nose and into her lungs everytime she swallowed. They told us to switch from rice cereal to a gel thickener which has seemed to work great. So far her milk has been staying down thanks to the gel.

I thought we had her medicine dosage figured out, for the past 2 weeks she has been doing great but starting 2 or 3 days ago the reflux has been slowly coming back. It seems like everyday she is grunting and arching her back even more. We have her first GI appointment today so I'm hoping they will switch her to a different medicine called Zegerid. The Prevacid that she has been on has been such a pain to give her. She takes it 3 times a day and it has to be given to her on a empty stomach and then she has to wait another 30 minutes after taking it before she can eat... these 30 minutes 3 times a day are the worst 30 minutes ever! She usually screams and there's nothing I can do to stop her other than feed her. Plus trying to give her the medicine is a whole different story. She takes a dissolvable tablet that we put in the nipple of her bottle and add water. The problem is the beads of medicine stop up the hole and she can't get the medicine out... so we have to use one larger syringe to keep putting water in the nipple until all of the medicine is out and then we use a smaller syringe to stir up the medicine while she is taking it, to keep the hole from getting stopped up. With the Zegerid it comes in powder packets and you just mix the medicine up and there are no beads of medicine to deal with and she can eat immediately after taking it. The only good thing about the Prevacid is that she loves taking it because it has a strawberry flavor(it smells really good!) which is the one bad thing about Zegerid... it tastes bad!

For the past few days she has been smiling quite a bit more and trying to talk... ALOT! It's so cute! I know she doesn't feel good but seeing her smile makes me feel a little better. Here are some pictures and videos that I've taken this week!

Smiling at her momma :) I was doing all kinds of stupid stuff to make her laugh! Smiling at her daddy

Hanging out in bed

Trying to talk!

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  1. Babies are super time consuming!!! I knew they'd take up a lot of time, but I didn't think Cam would STILL be taking up all my time, know what I mean?

    Poor Kaylee, hope they figure out a way to make her better soon. You just have to remember that it's only for a short time. That's what I have to do... every day. :)