Thursday, October 15, 2009

traveling baby

well over the past few weeks i have got to see my little baby girl do alot of different things. one of the things she has started doing alot is smiling at us. it is so cute cause uyou can rub her upper lip or give her a little kiss on her cheek or just play with her in some sort of way and she will make one of the cutest little smiles and sometimes she will even giggle a little bit. i remember the first time i made her smile i just sat there and laughed because she was laughing at me and the harder i laughed at her the harder she laughs at me. she really seems like she is growing up pretty fast and i want her to stay a little baby as long as she can cause we really do enjoy her.

last weekend little kaylee bug got to take her first plane flight ever(she beat me by about 22 years) and i really missed her and mommy. i was so proud to hear that they made it there and that little kaylee did good the whole way there. we didnt know what to expect. i unfortunatley did not get to join the two of them on their trip because just like every weekend i had to leave town, i had to leave a day early so it kinda helped that i was not at home missing them it just made it feel like any other weekend that im away.

she really has been a great baby, she really loves to travel and go places weather its just down the road in the car or on a plane to go see all her uncles and aunts and great grandmother. but for now im just gonna keep doing whatever keeps her happy and calm and just enjoy every minute we get to spend with her cause it will all be gone sooner than we think.

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