Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I want my baby back!

So I had to go to Target today to pick up some formula for Kaylee she was completely out. We are using the Up & Up Brand and somehow 75% of the time that I go to buy formula they are sold out. They always have all of the other brands and all of the other variations of the Up & Up formula... but never the regular formula. Seriously... if you see that you're always selling out of this one particular item... ORDER MORE! The stuff has a shelf life of 2 years so it's not like it's going to go bad. But anywho... I went over to the clothes section to see what all they had. As soon as I get our tax refund I'm going to be doing some major clothes shopping since I need to get 9 month winter clothes and I also want to go ahead and buy 12 month summer clothes.

The idea of buying 12 month size clothes alone makes me sad. Even though Kaylee will probably be around 9 months old when the 12 month clothes start to fit, it's just one more thing that reminds me of how she is getting older. I found this cute outfit that I plan on getting for her. At the front of the rack there was the Newborn size. And then, all the way at the back, was the 12 month size.

Look at the difference in size! I wanted to cry. This time last year I was pregnant, and though I didn't know if I was having a boy or a girl just yet, I would look at all the newborn sized clothes thinking of what I would buy once we found out what I was having. And now, a year later, I am preparing to buy 12 month clothes for my 6 month old baby :( I wish she was little again, but at the same time she has just gotten so cute here lately! Her smile is the sweetest thing ever. It seems like as days go by her smile gets bigger and bigger!

She has also been doing better with her naps. Even though we are only finishing up day 2 of our mission to get her to take naps in her crib, she is doing great. Today she took 3 naps in her crib. Two 30 minute naps and 1 almost 2 hour nap! It's not easy, and it involves a lot of fussing and picking her up and putting her back down, but she is slowly catching on. The first time I attempted to get her to nap in her crib it was a hour and 15 minutes of me picking her up and putting her back down... with no nap. This morning it took Daniel 45 minutes and then this afternoon it took me 20 minutes to get her to sleep. So we are making progress!

Next week she has her 6 month checkup. I'm excited to see what her measurements are. I also need to make an appointment to have her 6 month pictures taken. We decided to do professional pictures at 1 week, 6 months, 1 year and then possibly once a year after that. I have her 1 week pictures framed and on the wall in our living room. When Kaylee gets fussy I walk around with her and show her the pictures. At the time I thought she was such a big baby, but looking back at those pictures now all I can think of is how small she was. Funny how things change!


  1. Found your blog via Laura's (Cameron Crazy). I fully understand the title. My little guy is just over 6 months. How is it these months are just flying by so fast? I was both overjoyed and nearly bawling earlier today while putting his new "big boy" car seat in the car. Where'd my baby go? *sigh* Anyhow, your daughter is gorgeous! Many congrats and hope her 6mo checkup goes well!

  2. They just grow entirely too fast :( It's so sad!!