Monday, February 1, 2010

Snowed in and getting on a routine

The weatherman was actually right... we got snow... and a lot of it! It started Friday night and didn't completely stop until later in the day on Saturday. We ended up with 10 inches... 13 inches in some spots along with just a little bit of ice. This was Kaylee's 2nd big snow... lucky girl... 2 big snows in less than 6 months! It was so cold outside that we didn't take her out for long. I bundled her up with a long sleeve onesie, 2 pairs of pants (one with the little feet in them), socks and her fuzzy sweater!

She wanted to try to eat the snow...

I don't know if she liked it or not though...
I love this picture... it looks like we abandoned her in the snow lol
Little snow baby!
I threw some snow towards her!
Last year when I was pregnant I bought the book, "The Baby Whisperer" with the plans on reading it before Kaylee was born. I kept putting off reading it and then eventually lost the book. I have been looking for it for the past month or so and Daniel finally found it for me yesterday morning in Kaylee's nightstand... go figure. Up until last November Kaylee had been doing good at taking naps. She was taking a 3-4 hour nap twice a day when she was around 2-3 months old, then it went to one 4 hour midday nap at 3 months. Every time she would take a nap she would usually fall asleep in my arms and then I would either lay her in our bed or on the couch without waking her up. The beginning of November she started having problems with her midday nap. It got shorter and shorter and then disappeared all together. I think at first it was caused by her reflux not being under control and then the problem was made worse by Daddy being home all day which threw our routine off track.
After a few weeks of Daniel being home Kaylee had turned into a Daddy's girl and was spoiled. She would only take a nap if one of us were holding her. Things have just continued to get worse with her naps. They are very unpredictable and usually only last 30-45 minutes after struggling with her to get her to fall asleep. Something had to change because neither one of us can get anything done during the days because we are either feeding her, playing with her or trying to get her to go to sleep. She has also been a lot grumpier because of being overtired during the day. After reading The Baby Whisperer yesterday I decided I would start the struggle of getting her on a routine today. The book suggests a routine called EASY... Eat, Activity, Sleep and Your time.
The first attempt at getting her to take a nap in her crib this morning was a DISASTER! I put her down at 10:20 and after doing the Pick Up/Put Down method for a hour and 15 minutes it was time for her to eat again... and she still hadn't taken a nap. I was exhausted but stuck to the plan and fed her and let her play. After playing for only a hour I saw her yawn! Great, I did what the book said and saw the first sign of her being sleepy! I ran over to her, grabbed her paci, picked her up out of her bouncer and ran up stairs to put her in her crib. As soon as I laid her down I left the room and closed the door. By the time I took 2 steps to the bonus room and turned the monitor on... SHE WAS ASLEEP!!! I was so excited... this is the first time that she has taken a nap in her crib in several months! Of course, the nap only lasted 30 minutes as usual but at least she fell asleep in her crib. She has been awake for almost 20 minutes now and is still just laying there looking around. It is so hard to stick to the plan and not give up on the Pick Up/Put Down but if it means taking naps on her own and less fussiness during the day, not to mention the fact that I have a little peace and quiet every now and then, then I'm will to do whatever it takes.
I know she was happier when we were on our own little schedule... I was too! She really is a east baby and I'm so lucky for that. She just needs her mamma to get it together and give her a little help. And surprise surprise... she just put herself back to sleep. Ahh... sleep...

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