Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just a few things

I will be doing Kaylee's 6 month post Friday but I just wanted to do a post today just because this is something that deserves its own post... Kaylee is finally back to taking long herself!!! It's amazing how much her mood has changed. She is such a happy baby now and does the cutest things! It's great to know that after screwing up her routine, we got her back on track. It was hard...but definitely worth it.

We started off by trying the Baby Whisperer method, but feeding Kaylee every 4 hours caused her to start waking up earlier in the morning because she was so hungry. So now we don't really have a set schedule, but it works for us. Yesterday after sleeping for 3 hours (which seems like forever compared to the 30 minute naps that I have gotten used to), I had to wake her up because she needed her meds and the long nap was going to throw off her eating schedule which would mean bad news for us the next morning.

She took a nap earlier for a hour and 30 minutes and for the life of me, I don't know how. It is VERY windy here today... as in constant 25mph winds, gusting up to 45mph! It is so noisy in our bedroom where she is sleeping and her playyard is right beside 3 windows so that makes it even louder. But I'm not complaining, it's nice to get a break and be able to clean up the house a little bit.

Another thing that I have been excited about is, Kaylee finally rolled over by herself!!! She has done it before when she was in her crib and using her foot to push herself over, but this past weekend (February 7th...note to self to put that in the baby book...) she was laying on her stomach and just rolled right over! She kept trying to do it again but never could quite get it.

I'm sure within the next month she will start rolling all over the place and I won't be able to keep up with her. Well that is all for this post. Hopefully she will cooperate with me Friday so that I can do the 6 month post. And just because a post wouldn't be complete without a little cuteness, here's a couple of pics!

My 2 favorite people :)

She looks

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