Saturday, February 27, 2010


The day after Valentines Day, Daniel, Kaylee & I met up with Kay & Libby to go shopping at Babies R Us and Concord Mills. Before we went shopping Daniel, Kaylee & I went to our favorite restaurant in Concord, On the Border! Kaylee was a good baby and sat in the booth with us eating her cookies that her Grandma got her for Valentines Day.

Kaylee Bug & Daddy

After eating we met up with Kay & Libby @ Babies R Us. We bought Kaylee some sippy cups, paci's, a bigger baby tub and a adorable swimsuit & sunhat! After Babies R Us we went over to Concord mills mall. Kaylee was in such a good mood the whole day and loved riding around in her stroller. Just before we left she started to get fussy because she was hungry, but as soon as her Daddy picked her up, she was happy again!

She was either happy because her Daddy was holding her or happy because we were standing in line to buy her more clothes!
After we got home and got Kaylee to bed I decided to lay everything out. I had bought so many clothes that I couldn't even remember what all I had bought! So maybe I went a little overboard... but there were so many cute summer clothes!

It took forever to get the tags off of all of the clothes. I like the Jumping Beans brand of shirts that I bought from Kohl's because the only tag they have is a much easier to get off than the regular tags!
I'm glad we were able to stock up on clothes for Kaylee. Most of the things I bought were summer clothes in 12 month size. I will be glad when it warms up outside so that she can wear all of her new clothes!

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  1. Wow! You sure did stock up! :) I am going to a big consignment sale with my mom this week and we will be buying Cam clothes for the next 6 months. I usually do all my shopping at that sale since everything is so much cheaper.