Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1st Birthday Party!

It was 5:30 before we got started with the party and Kaylee was getting fussy because she was hungry! Before my Uncle got back with the pizza we decided to go ahead and let Kaylee open two of her presents. She got a tent with a tunnel and a bunch of plastic balls to make a mini ball pit from her Grandma and Grandpa. I think if she only got the pack of balls for her birthday she would've been happy!

She loved tearing up the paper!

Reading the card on the present from Mommy & Daddy

Her little cupcake hair clippie I had made for her birthday!

She wasn't sure what to do with the cake so she pulled out the licorice antennas first!

She didn't think they tasted all that great...

Then she pulled the eyes off and started pulling off the spots!

At first she only played with the icing but she finally got the hang out it when we helped her dig into the cake!

"Mommy, I have made a mess!"

"But that's ok... it tastes good!"

Someone is having a sugar rush!

After she finished her smash cake we realized she was definitely going to need a bath before opening the rest of her gifts! So once she got cleaned up and into party outfit #2, she got back to work on opening her presents!

Trying to pull the bow off her step stool. I love seeing pictures of her standing up... it reminds me of just how fast she is growing!

Checking out the dragonfly blanket her Great Uncle Bubba got her!

Trying to do the splits on top of her present! This picture cracks me up... and don't worry, Daniel was sitting right behind her in case she started to fall... but she actually just sat there for a while!

Opening her 'big gift' from Mommy & Daddy

Reading a card... I love how she crosses her feet!

So after the party Daniel and I got all of Kaylee's gifts together to load in the car. In between trips he decided to take our miniature dachshund, Remi, out to go potty. He told me that while he was out by the woods he heard something moving around but didn't see anything and just came back inside. We went to make our last trip to the car and as soon as we started walking through the parking lot, I looked up and saw the bear digging Kaylee's birthday trash out of the dumpster! We stood there and watched him and called my mom to have everyone else come outside to look. They grabbed their cameras and got this picture:
He only got into the bag that my mom took down and ate the 1/2 of the smash cake that Kaylee didn't eat! He didn't tear up the cardboard cake board that the cake was on and he ate everything except for the licorice antennas! Who knew bears were picky eaters?
That was a great way to end Kaylee's birthday and will be a funny story that we will tell her when she grows up. Overall it was a great party and Kaylee got to, most importantly, spend time with family that she doesn't get to see often enough. Now I can take a break from party planning for a few months before I do this all over again and stress over what theme to do and what decorations to use!

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  1. awww, She is adorable!!
    it was a perfect first birthday!