Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kaylee's Lady Bug Party Decorations

After going through over 300 pictures that were taken while in Gatlinburg for Kaylee's birthday party, I realized I was going to have to break the posts down into 3 different categories: the decorations, the party and then one just going over everything we did while we were there.

Here's your warning in advance... these 3 posts (especially the party and misc post) will be filled with a ridiculous amount of pictures! I'm not even joking... if I had time to put all 300+ pictures on here I probably would have because it was hard to pick out my favorites!

Anywho... for the theme this year I decided to go with lady bugs because Kaylee's nickname is 'bug' and it just seemed to fit! We stayed in a condo in Gatlinburg that we've stayed in before so I had an idea of what the room I was going to decorate looked like but honestly, after we walked around all morning, I was wore out and kinda just threw things together!

So here are the pictures of all of her decorations and the food... I will try to point out little details on each picture!

I made the tissue pom poms before we left and when I got there I had no idea where to put them. My original plan was to have them hanging from the ceiling but those plans changed at the last minute!

View of the table... we really kept things simple as far as the food went

I love her birthday banner that I found on Etsy!

The little pieces that went in the flower pots were on Etsy too. The lady bugs are chocolate suckers! I bought the flower pots at Michaels and used a hot glue gun to attach the ribbon. The plate is also from Etsy and I love how it turned out!
The lady bug cake was adorable! It's made out of red velvet cake and has cream cheese icing. Even the antennas are edible!
I almost forgot her candle but found this one at Target just before we left!
My attempt at making lady bug sugar cookies... they aren't the best looking in the world but were definitely cheaper than having someone else make them. I used vanilla frosting with red food coloring gel and then chocolate chips for the spots. For the head I put chocolate chips in a sandwich bag and melted them, then cut off a corner of the bag and made little ovals (I had to put them in the fridge afterwards to get the chocolate to harden).
I ordered these cupcakes from Lowes Foods (they were so yummy) and then ordered the fondant lady bugs off Etsy. They were too cute!
At first we planned on having lots of fruits and finger foods... then we decided this would be alot easier and well...unhealthy but yummy! There is a pizza place right beside the condos so it was easy to pick up some pizza really quick...and those garlic rolls are delicious!
Kaylee's present table
A close up of the stool Daniel & I had made for her
So that's all of the decorations! I will post the party pictures yet and save the largest post for last!


  1. looks like fun can't wait to see the rest:)

  2. Ok, I see that you got the fondont ladybugs off etsy but when I was looking on Etsy for the same type thing (before I knew you had gotten them there, though i should have figured haha) i couldn't find any i liked that were cute enough and up to my standards...so whats the shop where you found them?! :)

  3. Very Creative! New blog on the Hx. of the Ladybug: http://historyoftheladybug.blogspot.com/