Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kaylee's Room

Before we moved, I kept going back and forth on how I wanted to do Kaylee's new room. I liked her old room but it was very... little kiddie...girly... I don't what the word is for it. It was perfect when she was a baby, but now at almost a year old she is a old woman and needs something more put together and sophisticated :)
So this is what we came up with:
This sign was a gift from my uncle that he brought while I was in the hospital... on our first day home with Kaylee, Daniel wrote her name on it and put it on her door!
This was another gift from my uncle... it's hanging up right when you walk into her room
Another decoration I found in the hospital :)
I decided to change up her bedding to match the new wall colors
This corner is setup pretty much the same as it was in her old room
The one pink wall in her room... I was going to do the whole room in this color but I'm glad I decided to just do a accent wall.
I love this clock! She didn't have one in her old room because I never could find anything I really liked... I found this on clearance at Babies R Us!
These little boxes are too cute! When my uncle brought gifts for Kaylee to the hospital, these are what he put them in!
I'm glad I was able to find a place for this in her room. This was in my room when I was a baby. Daniel cleaned it up and took the old stickers that spelled out my name off of it and added Kaylee's name.
And this is probably my favorite spot in her room... I love the way the tree turned out! At first we couldn't decide where to put it, but it fit perfectly on this wall!
I know Kaylee won't remember her room but I still hope she looks back on these pictures and likes it! I do know that she loves the tree because she always crawls over to look at it... it's too cute!

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