Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our routine at 12 months

When Kaylee was 8 months old I did a post about the schedule Kaylee and I had got on for the usual days when we hang out around the house. I was looking back on it just the other day and it's crazy to think how much things can change in just 4 months. So here is our usual day to day routine at 12 months:

7:30 am: Wake up, Kaylee goes in her highchair and eats her Cheerios while I check email, etc... then she gets either yogurt or I fix her a bagel with cream cheese, then she usually will only drink part of her milk in her sippy cup

8:00 am: Play time

8:45 am: Finish the rest of her milk

9:00 am: Nap time ( I will either catch up with things on the computer, watch tv, clean up around the house or just take a nap)

11:00 am: Kaylee wakes up and we usually play in her room

12:00 pm: Lunch time

12:30 pm: Play time (I'm usually chasing her around the house making sure she doesn't get into anything!)

1:30 pm: Nap time... this nap has been unpredictable here lately, she goes down so easily in the morning but in the afternoons she will sometimes fight sleep quite a bit!

3:00 pm: Kaylee wakes up and we play in her room (if I need to run errands this is usually the best time to do that)

5:00 pm: Supper time, just like at breakfast time, she usually won't finish her milk so I will save it for later

6:00 pm: Bath time (if it's bath night) or playtime

6:30 pm: Finish sippy cup

7:30-8:00 pm: Read a book and then time for bed

She was on a schedule of going to bed right at 7:00 but here lately it seems like she goes down a lot easier if we wait until 7:30 or 8:00. Her naps really are all over the place as far as the length of the nap goes. A good nap for her is usually around 2 hours. She is so active that I usually can't get anything done while she is awake because I'm following her around, making sure she doesn't get into anything, so her nap times are very important to me just so that I can catch a break and get some things done! I'm sure within the next few months (or maybe even sooner) she will cut back to one nap a day... and I am not looking forward to that!

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