Monday, August 24, 2009

First trip outside of the house as a family!

Yesterday Daniel, mom, Kaylee and I all went to the mall to have Kaylee's first pictures made. This was the first time that Daniel and I had taken Kaylee out together. Saturday mom and I took her to Walmart with us and just our luck, it started pouring down right when we got there. We unloaded Kaylee at the front door and I waited inside for mom to park the car. I was standing right beside the alarm sensor things and someone kept setting them off but Kaylee never woke up! She did really good while we were in the store and slept the whole time.

Sunday we had an appointment at the portrait studio in JcPenney's. When we got into the mall Kaylee had a wet diaper and started crying. We got her changed and fed her and she calmed down and was surprisingly awake. She did very good at the photo studio and once we were finished we walked out into the mall to buy me some new flip-flops and then headed back to the car. Mom took Daniel and I out to eat at our favorite restaurant, Firebirds, for our birthday. Kaylee slept the whole time we were there. Here we are both stuffed, tired and ready to go to bed:

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