Saturday, August 8, 2009

My last weekend...

Well, it looks like this will be my last weekend being pregnant and my last weekend not having a baby to take care of. Daniel decided to mow the yard today and for some reason I decided the driveway needed to be cleaned so I had him get the pressure washer out for me so that I could start cleaning it. It's around 90 degrees outside today and after about an hour and 1/2 of being out there in the heat I realized it was a bad idea... I started getting light headed and was shaking really bad. So now I'm back inside in the nice A/C trying to cool down a little bit before cleaning up the house. If our dogs are any sign, Kaylee is going to be so spoiled... we let Liza and Remi come outside with us and run around and surprisingly, they did really good and didn't run off!

Remi isn't really an 'outside dog' because everytime we go outside he just stands in the middle of the driveway and looks around like he's lost. After being outside for about an hour, he came in the garage and stood at the stairs going up to the door to the house and just stared at the door. He likes being inside in the A/C laying on the couch so we let him in to cool down. Liza watched me clean the driveway and watched Daniel mow the yard but then she got tired of that and laid in the garage to cool off and was glad to come inside when I did.

It's sad how much we treat our animals like they are our kids. I hope they get along well with Kaylee and that she will like playing with them as she gets older. I think Liza will be excited with someone new being in the house and I'm afriad Remi will be jealous because he is such a momma's boy!

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