Thursday, August 20, 2009

one beautiful baby

i dont have much to say but little kaylee is by far the cutest baby ever. i just love sitting there holding her in my arms and watch her just sit there and look around at all the things around her, and i cant take my eyes off of her. i sometimes wonder what is going through her little mind as she just sits and stares. i just wish i could play with her, even tho i dont want her to grow up to fast on me i just wanna be able to sit there and roll her around on the floor or watch her play with her toys or the dogs even. her grammy has been here all week helping us take care of her, which im glad she is, but with work and her being in and out of sleeping i really have not been able to spend much time with her but i kno one day i will. on sunday we are gonna take her to get some pictures made of just her while she is still just a little baby and im pretty excited about that. but for now thats all i have about little kaylee, and oh did i mention how cute she is and how much her family loves her cause we love that sweet little girl more than everything.

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