Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Getting caught up...

Since the last time I wrote on here quite a few things have happened. But first, before I forget, here are Kaylee's measurements from her 2 month checkup:

  • Height: 23 1/2 inches
  • Weight: 13 lbs 10 oz
  • Head Measurement: 42 cm

Somehow I completely forgot to put this in my 2 month letter and I know if I don't put it on here I'll end up losing the paper from the doctor's office and won't remember any of the info.

So anyways... first of all, time is flying by! I can't believe it's already November! It was towards the end of last November that I found out I was pregnant and now a year later Kaylee bug is almost 3 months old. Last Thursday I took Kaylee to Wake Forest to have her upper GI study done. I thought it would be somewhat similar to her swallow study where she just drinks formula with barium mixed in, and then they would take the xray pictures and that would be it. I was wrong... no one told me that because she has to have her formula thickened to keep from aspirating that they would have to put a tube down her nose to feed her the barium. I kept asking them if there was any way around using the tube but they said it was the only way it could be done because the barium is so thin. They told me I could wait outside while they put the tube in but as much as I wanted to, I didn't want to leave Kaylee there by herself. They laid her on her back on a wooden board and strapped her down from her feet all the way up to her forehead with her arms up by her head. When they tried to put the tube in her nose it took the guy 3 times to get it in the right way. It just killed me to hear Kaylee scream the whole 15 minutes it took them to do everything. The whole time she squeezed my fingers as tight as she could. I don't know how I did it, but I managed not to completely lose it... I figured Kaylee was already upset and me crying as much as she was wouldn't help anything.

After the study the doctor told me that everything looked fine so at least we got some good news. We had an hour to kill before our appointment to meet with Kaylee's pediatrician so I stopped to get some breakfast and then just drove around so that Kaylee would fall asleep. Kaylee has been doing better with her reflux and actually went a week without spitting up or getting choked but has been having problems with the Prevacid giving her headaches. Since she has been doing a little better we decided to try to slowly cut back on the Prevacid to see if it helps with the headaches and to see if we can slowly get her off the medicine. The problem is, just like it took 2 weeks for the medicine to build up in her system, it also takes 2 weeks for the medicine levels to adjust to the change... so it's going to be a slow process trying to back off the meds, especially since she was on 30mg/day and we are cutting out 5mg at a time but so far so good!

Saturday was Kaylee's first Halloween but unfortunately she had a earache and was very fussy so we didn't get to dress her up. But oh well... there's always next year. Something that I meant to write about a few weeks ago is Kaylee's first word... yes... I know she is only 2 months and actually the first time she said it was right before she turned 2 months old. I have won! Her first word was "momma"... well, it doesn't really sound like that... it's more like "maaa maaa" but who cares! The first time she said it was when we went back home to Tennessee a few weeks ago and even though I wasn't the only one who heard it I thought that somehow we were all just hearing things... I mean come on... she was 1 month old! But over the past 2 weeks she has been saying it more and more everyday. I will sit on the couch and talk to her and if she is in one of her talkative moods she will repeat me when I say momma :) I know she doesn't know what it means and it's just her copying me but it's so cute to hear her say it!

This past week she has become much more active. She sits in her little rocking/vibrating chair and will start kicking as hard as she can. It's the cutest thing because she gets this really mad look on her face when she starts to kick and then starts throwing her arms around. Once she finishes kicking she will talk to herself for a little bit and then start again. Last week I bought her a pink Bumbo seat...

She loves this thing! I bought it hoping it would help her strengthen her neck since she went a month not being able to have tummy time because she would spit up everytime we laid her down. It seems to be working after a week she has went to having to have me hold my hand behind her head to keep it from falling back to being able to hold her head up on her own with very little help. I don't know what it is about the seat but she just sits there and smiles and laughs at me everytime I put her in it.

She is also starting to notice her feet and hands more. After about a week of sitting around staring at her hands she has started to grab at her feet. Today was the first time that she was actually able to grab them but it's fun watching her try. She is even doing better with sleeping at night. She now sleeps 9-10 hours straight! Daniel and I are so spoiled! I will post more recent pictures either later today or tomorrow. Yesterday Daniel and I got some pictures of her on his street bike and of her on my dirt bike. She was so cute!


  1. How do you know when she has a headache or earache? I don't think I would know if Cam did.

  2. When she has a headache she usually rubs her head and starts crying and 1 dose of Tylenol makes it go away. With the earache she kept rubbing and grabbing her ear. I'm sure you would be able to figure it out if he had a headache or earache... I think it's one of those things where the mother just knows something is wrong and if you look for the signs you can figure it out.