Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What a week!

Last week was been one of those that makes you wonder what's next... it started out with Daniel losing his job Tuesday... then on Wednesday after having stomach pains since Monday night I took him to the ER where we found out he had appendicitis and had to have surgery at 10:00 that night to remove his appendix. This was one of those times where I especially hate being so far away from family. After dropping him off at the hospital I rushed home with Kaylee. Thank goodness Christen was able to leave work and come stay with her. I went back to the hospital to stay with Daniel for a little while before finding out it would be a while before they would be able to do the surgery (it was only 1:00 when we got to the ER). After sitting there for a while I had to rush back home again to give Kaylee her night time meds and get some things together to bring back to the hospital.

Just when I finished feeding Kaylee and got her to fall asleep Daniel sent me a text message saying he was going to have the surgery soon. I ran and jumped in the car trying to make it back to the hospital before they took him back but I got there about 5 minutes too late. Mom made it to our house around 1:30 am to stay with Kaylee so that Christen could go home. I had planned on going back home that night after Daniel fell asleep but I ended up staying at the hospital with him until they let him go home around lunch time on Thursday.

When Daniel and I got home Thursday afternoon Kaylee was asleep. Mom had told me that she had been playing with her toys. I have been trying to get her to play with her toys for what seems like forever. She would never grab or swing at them and usually after only a few minutes of them being in front of her she would start crying until I took them away... so of course, I didn't believe her. When Kaylee woke up from her nap we put her in her chair and gave her a toy. I couldn't believe it...she picked it up and tried to put it in her mouth! I was only gone for a day and she had grown up a little more!

Playing with her toy!

Today while cleaning up her room I put her in the glider to watch me clean while she played with her toys. She did great! It seems like only a few weeks ago she would fall to one side or the other every few seconds but she sat there for about 30 minutes and never fell over! I can already tell she is going to be a handful once she starts crawling. Anything her hands touch usually goes in her mouth. Last night we went to Olive Garden for supper and after I finished eating I sat her in my lap and held a piece of a breadstick in front of her. First she grabbed my hands and pulled them to her mouth to chew on the bread, but when she figured out that I wasn't going to let go of it she tried to take the bread out of my hand. We will slowly be starting her on solids next month. I'm excited to see how that goes but paranoid at the same time because I know how easily she gets choked! My little girl is growing up so fast :(

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