Friday, November 13, 2009

happy birthday kaylee bug!

well its not really kaylees birthday but she did turn 3 months old yesterday. it seems like it has not really been 3 months since she showed her pretty little face and joined our little world, but when you look at her and see how far along she has come, and all the times that she has been fussy it makes it seem like its been longer than 3 months just because this little baby girl can wear you ouy so easy sometimes. but she cant help the fact that she is fussy sometimes cause we dont know what is wrong with her and there are times we figure out what is wrong and other times we dont.

a few weeks ago we took some pictures of kaylee on our motorcycles and i was sitting behind her holding onto her and i was just thinking i cant wait till she is big enough to atleast be able to ride the dirt bike with me. i hope she even will want to ride, she might not even wanna ever do that kinda thing but oh well i wont force her into anything. no matter what she chooses to do in life she will always be a daddys girl and ill be involved in everything she does.

the past few weeks have been kinda long for us because we tried to cut back on her medicine and i dont kno if its that or if she has just not been feeling good but she has been wearing mommy out in the afternoons while im at work, so when i get home i take kaylee and i tell mandy to do whatever she wants for the rest of the night. i have been trying different things to try to calm her down and one of the things i have found which i could not be any more happy about is i carry her out in the garage and put her in her little vibrating seat and she will just sit there and look around at all the different pretty shiny coloorfull objects in the garage and smile, i see where she gets it cause i am the same way. she loves to sit and watch me work on my rc cars and she always laughs and smiles when i make any kind of noise with them. she seems very interested in them so hopefully that will be something she is interested in when she gets older,i hope. but the times that she is to fussy to even go to the garage with me i end up just sitting on the couch and talk to her and wait for her to fall asleep in my arms, which i can never get enough of that. i just hope she still wants me to hold onto her when she gets older.

we love our little kaylee bug so much and even tho things have been a little rough here lately i could never trade the time we get to spend together for anything, except for a little more time with my wife. but all in all i love being her daddy and i always will.

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