Monday, November 30, 2009


Just the other day I realized something... we have way too many nicknames for Kaylee. I don't know if this is normal (I'd like to think that it is and that most parents have many nicknames for their babies) or if Daniel and I are just 'nickname kind of people.' I mean, we even have several nicknames for our dogs, Liza and Remi. I'm sure a few of the nicknames might stick around for a while and there will be some that we forget about, so I thought I would make a list of all of Kaylee's nicknames that we have called her!

It all started out with 'Peanut.' When we saw her for the first time at 9 weeks on the ultrasound she was so tiny and looked like a little peanut. When she was born she wasn't very small (9 pounds) so Peanut didn't really seem like it fit her anymore... Then somehow we came up with Kaylee Bug which is sometimes turned into:
  • K Bugs
  • K Buggy
  • Boo Bug
  • Baby Boo
  • and at times she is 'Little Monster'

No matter what nicknames we give her over the years she will always be our 'baby girl.'

What nicknames do you have for your baby?


  1. I have quite a few for our Little one.
    1. Munchkin
    2. nu nu
    3. Sae
    4. chubby chubs

    so many more it's just depending on what she is doing your names are so cute!

  2. We don't have as many as y'all, but we have a few:
    -Lyllie Bug
    -Lyl Grace

    We had the same evolution of nicknames happen with our dog after we got her, I love how nicknames get their own nicknames after awhile.

  3. Cameron is...

    -Boogie Bear

    I started calling him Booger but it evolved into the ones above.