Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I did some Christmas shopping!

I got a little carried away Monday when I got online originally to buy a extra camera to go with our video monitor that we bought before Kaylee was born. Right now the camera is mounted on the wall by her crib... the problem is, at night we put her in her play yard to go to sleep and have to turn the tv in our room down really low so that it doesn't wake her up. So I finally found a extra camera that we can put in our room to keep an eye on her when she is in her play yard and be able to go upstairs and watch tv with the volume turned up loud enough to where we can actually hear it!

So after ordering the camera I was looking around on the Babies R Us website and saw a convertible car seat on sale for $100 off! We have noticed that Kaylee has been getting a little big for her car seat... it says it can hold up to 30 pounds but there is no way that she is going to fit in that thing at 30 pounds when at 16 pounds she is already squished in there! So... I bought this:

I loved the flower design padding and after doing some research it seemed to be a good car seat. The weight limit is 100 pounds so we shouldn't have to worry about buying another seat for a while! Another reason I wanted to go ahead and get this is that while most babies love their car seats, Kaylee doesn't really care for hers. According to the GI doctor and her pediatrician, the angle that she sits at while in her car seat is uncomfortable for a reflux baby... this seat is adjustable and can recline at different angles so we will be able to adjust it to make Kaylee more comfortable.

After buying the car seat I started looking at toys. Something doesn't look right with no presents under our Christmas tree (speaking of which... I really need to take some pictures and post them on here!). So I ordered these toys:

Izzy the Inchworm
Little Fishbowl

Freddie the Firefly
It doesn't look like it from the pictures but the toys are actually pretty big... The inchworm even has little measurement marks on the back of it and is 2 feet long! I just have 2 or 3 more things that I want to get for Kaylee and then my Christmas shopping for her will be done. I just hope I can wait until Christmas to give her the presents Daniel and I got her... I am the world's worst about not waiting until Christmas day to open presents!

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