Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My baby's first Christmas!

Well, Kaylee's first Christmas has come and gone. It was great to be able to go back home to see family and friends and for Kaylee to be able to meet some family members that haven't seen her before. So here's a recap of our trip home and tons of pictures (I had a hard time picking out just a few)!

December 23rd
We (meaning Daniel & I... little monster was still asleep) woke up at 5:30 am to get ready for the long drive back home to Tennessee. Daniel took our dog Liza to Mooresville to drop her off at the kennel while I got a shower, finished packing up the car and got Kaylee up and ready to leave. We left around 8:15 am and made it to Tennessee around 2:30 pm. We went by my mom's work so that her coworkers could see Kaylee and then went to my parents house to wait for mom to get off work. That night my mom and grandma watched Kaylee for us while we went to Walmart to pick up a few things before going to eat at one of my favorite restaurants back home (Demos') with our friends Katie & Brandon.

Hanging out on the bed

Christmas Eve
After spending the night at my grandma's house we woke up and got Kaylee ready to go have her picture made with Santa! After having her picture made we walked over to Olive Garden to have lunch with my mom before going back home to get ready for the family Christmas party. Kaylee was such a good baby during the party. She sat in my moms lap while we all played Dirty Santa and she just stared at all of us while we were playing the game.

Our Family Picture!

Sweet baby :)

Kisses from Grandma

Kaylee & Great Grandma

Kaylee & Great Uncle Bubba

Christmas Day
Apparently Kaylee was excited Christmas morning because after staying up until 10:00 pm Christmas Eve, she was up at 6:00 am Christmas morning(2-3 hours earlier than she would normally wake up)! We went down to my parents house to have breakfast and open presents before packing up and heading to Chattanooga to see Daniel's family. We opened up presents and the just hung out the rest of the night at Kaylee's Uncle Keith & Aunt Aleta's house.

Kaylee & Aunt Julie

Kaylee & Grammy

She was so interested in her presents!

Playing with the bow!

Kaylee & Grandpa

Kaylee & Cousin Stella

Day After Christmas
Kaylee slept late and then we got up and went to Daniel's Grandmother's house for another Christmas party. We spent the whole day there before going back to Daniel's dad's house before driving back home late that night.

My happy baby playing with her toy!
Kaylee & Great GrandmotherWe got home around 3:00 am on the 27th and I was so afraid that after sleeping for the whole 6 hour drive, Kaylee would think it was time to wake up for the day. We unpacked the car as quick as we could to get her playyard out. Once Daniel got it setup I put Kaylee in it and covered her up and she was asleep within 5 minutes! She did such a good job traveling.
My first Christmas as a mommy was great. I think as Kaylee gets older I will enjoy it even more. I look forward to seeing the excitement on her face every Christmas morning and starting family traditions of our own that maybe one day Kaylee will carry on with her own family.

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  1. Look like you guys had a great Christmas! Sounds like it was busy like ours though. I am hoping next year will be less stressful for us since Cam will be older!