Saturday, December 19, 2009

happy 4 months birthday

wow i cant believe my little baby girl has already turned 4 months old. i cant really say if it seems like time has gone by really fast or if its going by really slow. it seems like here lately all the days have been just running together. she does tho seem like she is growing up very quick. its like every day she progresses in some way that she seems to be either learning quickly or just catching on to things real easy, i dunno really what it is. today her voice decided to show back up and be heard again. it was thanksgiving weekend that i think she first discovered that she had a voice but she didnt know how to control the volume of it and that only went on for a few days then we really didnt hear it as much anymore, but today i came in the house after being outside for a while and she was so happy to see her daddy that her voice said it all. i really wish i knew what she was saying but then again once she does start talking we probably will never hear the end of it so for now i think i will just sit down and listen to all the little noises she makes and just laugh about it. she seems to be turning out to be a daddys girl really bad. we have been spending a lot of time together lately and tonight when mommy was holding her she would not take her eyes off of me. i feel bad tho cause i know that soon i will hopefully be going back to work and poor little kaylee buggy is gonna be wearing poor mommy out wandering where i am, well atleast thats what i think. she could probably care less where i go or where im at.

ever since little kaylee was born every day i think we have grown closer as each day goes by. it might be something little every day but its like today when i see her not paying attention to anything but me, that makes me feel like i am being a good father to her. i know alot of times i get really fed up with her being fussy and not doing what i want her to do but i have to stop and tell myself that she is just a baby and she might not always want to do what i want her to do all the time. its just really frustrating when something new is happening that you have never dealt with before and you try everything you can to make her happy and it doesnt work, man it gets frustrating. but one thing is for sure i love that little baby so much and there is not a thing in this world that i would not do for her or her mommy and i try every day to show the both of them that whether its not doing anything for myself to take her off mommys hands so she can do whatever or if its sitting here thro all of the kids shows on tv that of course the most annoying show is her favorite, and i just hate having the dumb little songs stuck in my head all day long. but its fun fun cause i try to sit there and tell kaylee what is wrong with all these shows so maybe one day she will know whats going on in the

but until she turns another month old i am still gonna take care of her and mommy and love the both of them like there is no tomorrow!

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